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By Carolyn Zachary | Dec 02, 2017

By Tom Seymour

Dec. 1, 2017

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Waldo Town News

Gov. LePage has filed for federal disaster relief for Maine in the wake of the Halloween storm that downed trees and power lines and damaged homes and businesses.

This request is slated for public, not individual assistance. However, The Farm Service Agency has filed a request for assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help the over 2,000 farms damaged by the storm.

As per the governor’s request, the money could ease the financial burden on communities that delved deeply into their annual budgets due to the need to address storm damage.

With federal assistance, small towns such as Waldo might not be compelled to raise taxes on property owners in order to make up for budget shortfalls.

Pa’tridge Prediction

As long as deep snow holds off, upland hunters can still find plenty action on the nation’s most noble game bird, the ruffed grouse, or as many of us in Maine say, “pa’tridge.”

Next, if an unexpected warm spell doesn’t melt all the newly formed ice, we should soon be able to get on at least some of the smaller ponds for a little early season ice fishing. And as everyone knows, the first few weeks of the season rate as the very best.

And whether we see ice or open water, the Annual Maine Ice Fishin’ Derby and benefit began on December 1 and will last through March 31. This is open to anglers throughout the state and all freshwater fish are eligible for entry.

I don’t usually support derbies because I feel they put too much pressure on the lakes and ponds where they occur. But this statewide derby dilutes any possible pressure on any one water. Besides that, half the proceeds from the derby will go toward the late Alex Cyr’s son’s college fund. Alex, a great outdoorsman, died in 2011 after losing a battle with cancer.

To learn more about this fun and rather loosely knit derby, go to icefishderby@gmail.com.

Weekly Quote

This quote from Daniel J. Boorstin reminds us that we are not that far removed from simpler, perhaps more difficult times: “Smog is the price of the freedom of our streets from manure, and from the flies and diseases it brought.”








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