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By Carolyn Zachary | Jan 12, 2018
Photo by: Tom Seymour Tufted titmouse visits Tom's feeder.

By Tom Seymour

Jan. 11, 2018

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Waldo Town News

I accompanied wildlife photographer Dave Small last week on a marine bird photo shoot along the Knox County coast. Dave’s work appears in many publications and he kindly took me under his wing and gave me oodles of great advice.

My new camera was the reason for the trip. It has an incredibly powerful zoom lens and I was able to take pictures of goldeneye ducks and other seabirds at a greater distance than ever before.

Under the Feeder

And speaking of birds, my suet feeders have seen steady patronage as of late. In addition to the male and female cardinals, two pairs of tufted titmouses now make regular visits. This is in addition to the old regulars such as downy woodpeckers, northern juncos, black-capped chickadees and blue jays.

Also, Annette Hanser from East Waldo Road reports seeing a robin near some rugosa roses. Robins don’t all go south in winter and in fact, some remain here year-round. When going gets real tough, as in last week, robins will head to the offshore islands to ride out the cold wave. When conditions improve they return to the mainland and their old, favorite haunts.

How cold was it, Johnny?

The church I attend was closed during the last two Sundays because of the intense cold. Now that’s what I call chilly!

Perchin’ Prediction

With plenty of ice and the moon in a good phase for fishing, this week should be a great one for ice fishing. So if weather permits, this would make a good time to get out and jig up some tasty white perch or black crappies.

Bizarre News

Switzerland has enacted a new law. From now on, lobsters must be stunned before being dropped in boiling water. The problem, as everyone who has ever cooked a lobster will recognize, is just how to accomplish that.

The Swiss government says that a lobster’s brain can be somehow disconnected. But given that lobster brains are so tiny and, what’s more, are housed inside the shell, it sounds like Switzerland is simply using a law that nobody can comply with in order to discourage people from eating lobster.

Remember, you heard it here first on the Waldo Town News Bizarre News section.

Weekly Quote

“Handle credit cards like a piece of dynamite with a fuse in it.” — George Leonard Herter


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