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By Carolyn Zachary | Feb 09, 2018

By Tom Seymour

Feb. 9, 2018

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

(207) 338-974


Waldo Town News

Stephen Thompson, a man who has devoted much of his free time to cataloguing and identifying Maine’s trotting parks, has asked me to show him the old Waldo horseracing track.

Thompson seeks to learn how the track was sanctioned and if Waldo ever had an agricultural society. To my knowledge, we didn’t.

I pointed out that the track was only part of the larger Waldo Fairgrounds and that circus acts and so on figured into the mix.

Also, the old fairgrounds now has a residence on it, so walking the route of the track will require landowner consent.

On the upside, Thompson has dug up photos of the old track which he has promised to send me and I, in turn, will run them here in this column. So in the future, keep your eyes peeled for some historic Waldo photos.

Perchin’ Prediction

“Fair to good,” that’s how I see fishing chances for the coming week. So if weather cooperates, get out on the ice and try some perchin’.

Under the Feeder

In addition to the usual contingent of songbirds, gray squirrels have become a problem at my feeding station. And given the rather sudden appearance of gray squirrels throughout the general area, it’s likely that others have the same problem.

So remember that when the hunting season opens on small game next October, that gray squirrels make a delicious wild meal. In fact our country’s westward expansion was possible, in part, to an abundant gray squirrel population. The settlers killed and ate squirrels as they began their trek west.

Weekly Quote

“There is something inherently evil about living in cities.” – Thomas Jefferson


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