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By Carolyn Zachary | Apr 14, 2018

Waldo Town News

By Tom Seymour

April 11, 2018

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

(207) 338-974


With spring so late in coming, it still looks like winter around my place. The woods remain filled with snow and freezing nighttime temperatures become too much for even the temperature-defying crocus to bear.

Armchair prognosticators can focus the blame on countless sources, but the jet stream is the real culprit. Until that high-altitude river of flowing air decides to loop back into Canada where it belongs this time of year, we’ll continue to experience less-than-ideal conditions.

The constant process of freezing and thawing has played havoc with town dirt roads. And there’s not a thing anyone can do about that, at least not until above-freezing temperatures settle in for good.

My own driveway has become a treacherous quagmire. The mailman refused to deliver a package because of the excess mud and I completely understood. Conditions are that bad.

But nothing lasts forever and we’re hoping for better days.

Perchin’ prediction

My life during the last few weeks has seen such hectic activity that I haven’t had time for fishing, something quite unusual for me. But deadlines dictate my coming and going and lately I’ve had a lot of deadlines. And that’s a good thing.

Ice is leaving area ponds and lakes and I’m primed to do some early-spring trolling with fishing buddy Allen Gallant.

And for those who love brook fishing, water has come down to fishable levels on most brooks and streams, so if you can, get out there and wet a line.

Patriot’s Day

This issue of The Republican Journal hits the stands and mailboxes on April 19, Patriot’s Day. Far too few people now observe this day, but it was a seminal event that precipitated the American Revolution.

In years past, school children were required to learn “The Concord Hymn,” but that, too, has fallen by the wayside. So this Patriot’s Day I’m offering as the weekly quote these famous lines by Ralph Waldo Emerson that so stirred and uplifted many generations of patriots. Note that this is not the hymn in its entirety, only the first four lines. The Concord Hymn was sung at the dedication of the Battle Monument on July 4, 1837.

Weekly quote

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,

Here once the embattled farmers stood.

And fired the shot heard round the world.



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