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By Carolyn Zachary | May 04, 2018
Tom and 9-pound largemouth bass taken on 4-pound test line.

Waldo Town News

By Tom Seymour

May 3, 2018

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

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Much to everyone’s joy, the town graded our gravel roads last week. So often, though, heavy rain follows the new grading and creates potholes almost as bad as before the grading took place.

It rained after this one, too, but not a hard rain. Hopefully, the roads will hold up for a few months. However, I’ve already seen people driving at speeds better suited for paved roads and that helps to tear up the dirt road’s surface. If only folks would drive at a reasonable rate of speed, our roads would hold up far longer.

In the garden

As noted in my home and garden column this week, asparagus has begun shooting up fresh, tender spears. Last fall I weeded my asparagus bed with a ruthless vengeance and also applied lots of compost. And my work paid off. Asparagus keeps putting out new spears well into late June.

Perennial flowers are putting on new growth every day. It’s a bit early to set out annuals, but at least now our perennials, while not ready to bloom for a while, help to ease that barren look of early spring.

Perchin’ prediction

A generation or two ago, many of us enjoyed hitting the white perch runs. While some places are now out of bounds because of development and posting, a few remain. Try hitting a known perch spawning stream in early evening. If I’m correct, perch should cooperate.

Also of note, last week while fishing Unity Pond for crappies I hooked and finally landed a 9-pound largemouth bass. This was on ultralight tackle and a 4-pound test line. That was the biggest bass I’d ever seen.

By the way, the crappies weren’t biting because the water was far too cold. It’ll be another week before those tasty panfish become available.

Small motors

For those who have had problems with small engines such as outboard motors, rototillers and lawnmowers because of gas line-eating ethanol, help has arrived. Weaver’s Roadside Variety on Route 137 in Waldo now offers ethanol-free gas. I used it in my outboard motor and it never ran better. From now on that’s all I’ll use for any small engine.

The ethanol-free gas is a bit pricey, but still cheaper than having to take small engines to the shop for carburetor kits and new fuel lines each year. Thanks to Matt Weaver for providing this valuable service.

Weekly quote

"I am not bound to please thee with my answer." — William Shakespeare.


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