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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 07, 2018

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By Tom Seymour



Mystery solved

My one remaining apple tree (deer had eaten down my others and voles girdled all but one beneath the winter snow) had plenty of blossoms this spring, leading me to hope for a good crop this fall.

But the inevitable June drop saw only two apples remaining on the tree. These were too high for marauding deer to reach and I watched them grow throughout the season with great relish. And at last, it appeared that my two apples were almost ready to pick.

So imagine my consternation when, upon looking out at the apple tree, my apples were gone. Investigating, I failed to find the apples on the ground. And then I saw a telltale sign, a twig, cleanly cut as if sliced with shears. This was clearly the work of a gray squirrel. Gray squirrels do this with acorns, jumping around treetops, severing acorn-laden twigs and dropping them to the ground where the animal can pick them at its leisure.

Squirrels do the same thing with apples, as I have learned. This event really irritated me, but there’s not much to do about it. Well, there is one thing. Squirrel season begins on Oct. 1. I have a feeling that soon, I’ll be dining on fried gray squirrel.

Advance warning

I go into surgery on Monday, Sept. 10, and am not sure just how much I’ll be able to accomplish the first week home. It is possible that I won’t be able to sit and write this column. So if Waldo News is absent from next week’s Republican Journal, you’ll know the reason why.

Weekly quote

“September dries up wells, or breaks down bridges.” — Old English folk saying.

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