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By Tom Seymour | Jul 08, 2019



Independence Day came in warm and got progressively hotter all day. But inside with doors and windows closed and fans running, things were comfortable. We get so few truly hot days each year that complaining about them make little sense. As for me, all I can say is sitting in front of a fan beats shoveling snow.

My good buddy Marion Tucker-Honeycutt, who also writes for The Republican Journal, shared the holiday with me. We polished off two hefty lobsters, a whole lot of clams, corn on the cob, and for dessert, which I seldom partake of, Marion brought the fixings for strawberry-rhubarb shortcakes. All in all it was a great day.

The following day, realizing that my refrigerator was bare and I needed to go shopping, instead of heading for Belfast I made the drive to Hannaford’s in Newport. What a marked difference. The store itself has a far better-supplied produce section, something important to me. And the people, even the customers, were a happy lot. Everyone smiled. There was no rudeness, no blocking aisles, none of that. It was a delight to shop.

Normally I dread visiting the supermarket, but this time was, dare I say, enjoyable. What a difference a 45-minute drive can make. And as an added benefit, Newport hasn’t yet banned the bag, so I got a supply of plastic shopping bags, which I use in a variety of different ways.

Perchin’ prediction

Fishing now is essentially limited to early morning and evening hours. That’s when fish bite best and also, recreational crafts aren’t out churning the water to a froth because they don’t even come on the water until early afternoon, meaning we can fish in peace, unmolested. So get out early. The fish are there and they will bite.

In the garden

Things are finally putting on new growth and that is visible from day to day. Tomatoes, cukes and squash have formed blossoms, and early-season crops such as lettuce are ready now. It’s such a treat to go out and pick a homegrown salad, rather than having to rely upon commercially produced veggies.

Weekly quote

“There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow.” ― William Shakespeare


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