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By Tom Seymour | Nov 09, 2019



Small turnout on Election Day

With only two items on the ballot, turnout at Waldo Town Hall on Election Day was sparse. Thanks go out to those who did take time out to perform their civic duty.

Under the feeder

Next, I got an interesting call from a reader who was worried that the Greeks were eating our songbirds. Allow me to explain. It seems the caller saw a news article that reported people in Greece were capturing songbirds in nets and eating them. “Was that what happened to our birds?” the caller asked.

The short answer was, “no.” While the occasional European bird may get caught up in a storm and inadvertently land in the U.S., European birds do not migrate to America.

I did point out that even here, up to the early part of the 20th century, people shot and ate blackbirds. But that practice has long since died out. Besides that, it is totally illegal.

As alluded to before, it is natural for songbirds to drop out of sight in late summer and early fall, only to re-appear later as if nothing had happened. In fact, our songbirds are very much in evidence now and they are in good health, so again, not to worry about our birds.

UFO sightings?

It seems that I am not alone in reporting a strange light in the sky over Waldo. Two other Waldo residents were driving along East Waldo Road when they were startled by a bright, white light descending to just above the treetops. The brilliant sphere then vanished. Poof!

If anyone else has such sightings to report, please contact me. Your personal information will be kept confidential unless you specifically permit me to publish it. I realize that admitting to seeing something like this can get a person labeled as a kook. But on the other hand, such sightings have become more common in recent years and hopefully, the stigma will diminish accordingly.

What’s in your woodshed?

The answer to this question is, hopefully, “wood.” To that end, I finally got all my wood stacked and under cover. With a severely hurting back, it took me far longer than it should have, but even so, I got the job done.

It’s such a good feeling to get all the fall chores taken care of. Now it’s time to sit back by the wood stove and feast upon the goodies we froze or canned last summer. Life is good in the slow lane.

Pa’tridge prediction

Deer hunters have had to contend with adverse weather conditions. All the same, deer are plentiful in Waldo and persistence should pay off in dividends, in the form of venison on the table.

In other outdoor news, I finally shot a wild turkey. Spying something jumping around in front of my house, I grabbed my shotgun, ran out in time to see a flock of turkeys running toward the woods. I managed to shoot a fat hen that had fallen behind. I’m not a trophy hunter and would much rather have a hen than a big, old Tom. I tagged my turkey at Weaver’s Roadside Variety in Waldo, which tags all big game.

Weekly quote

My friend Michael Dow of Kennebunk, sent me the following quote: “Someday we old folks will use cursive writing as a secret code.”

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