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By Tom Seymour | Jan 05, 2020


The bright and mysterious light in the sky has returned. Last Friday I noted a “star” in an area of the sky where there were no naked-eye stars. And then the “star” began to move up and down and sideways, not normal star behavior.

The object was perhaps 200 yards away and as many yards in the air. While watching, the thing drew closer, causing me to dart inside and watch through my glass door. The sighting lasted for an hour or more.

But I wasn’t the only one on East Waldo Road to spy this oddball object. My next-door neighbor, Pete Velanzon, reports that he and his son were down by the road near their mailbox, when a bright-white object whizzed by, just over the tops of roadside pines. This was just hours before the object took to the skies by my place.

What is this object, anyway? I’ll leave that for readers to contemplate. Now off to other topics.

Perchin’ prediction

Fishing this week should begin with fast action, but by week’s end, things should slow down. To complicate my prediction, the see-saw weather of late can cause fish to either stop feeding altogether or else feed as if there were no tomorrow. So the best thing to do is just go fishing and hope for the best.

Under the feeder

As predicted, songbirds have come to feeders in increasing numbers. The new snowpack has denied them access to most weed seeds and so hunger has brought them back to our feeders.

January musing

Now that January has arrived, here are some thoughts on the month.

January is named for the Roman god Janus. Janus was supposed to have had two faces, each looking away from the other, as if viewing the past while at the same time pondering the future.

For winter-weary souls, January seems about as deep into winter as it can get. But consider this. In only 10 weeks it will be mid-March and the sun will shine high in the sky. Days will be longer, nights shorter and the prospect of coming spring can’t be denied.

So hang in there for the next 10 weeks. And during that time, try to enjoy the down-time of winter.

Weekly quote

An old adage says, “Nothing is new, it is just forgotten.”



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Comments (2)
Posted by: Patricia Keyes | Jan 06, 2020 16:59

ugh. CUE.

Posted by: Patricia Keyes | Jan 06, 2020 16:58

Well, there's been drones with cameras over Belfast Bay many times in the last 6 months. Someone in your neighborhood is testing the limits of their device, I'll bet.  Unless you had the sensation that it was much larger than that and you saw it go directly up into the atmosphere and off planet. Then? I don't know. [queue opening music from The Twilight Zone]
Happy New Year!

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