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By Tom Seymour | Feb 15, 2020



The annual scholarship supper held at Waldo Town Hall was, according to Greg Coleman, “…a huge success. The best one yet.”

Greg went on to say that, “…the food donations were impressive, the spread was massive. Monetary donations surpassed all others, in fact, we took in enough to cover the cost of one scholarship. Folks want more suppers also.”

So by any account, this supper marked a milestone. And just let me add that most people are basically good and this spirit of helping was made obvious by the outpouring of goodwill at the scholarship supper. Many thanks to all who participated as well as those whose hard work went into making it all happen.

Under the feeder

Very soon now, as we approach breeding season, chickadees will begin their springtime calling, which uses a far more raspy voice than at other times of the year.

For those who feed birds, expect an increase in participation over the next few weeks. Late winter marks a time for not only birds but most other non-hibernating wildlife species to feel the need to load up on calories, much the same as they did in late fall going into winter.

Spring countdown

As of Thursday, Feb. 20, we’ll have only 28 days remaining until spring. So take heart, all you winter-weary Journal readers. And if you are feeling down because of cold and snow, it helps to say it aloud: Only 28 days until spring!

Perchin’ prediction

Every time I think about going ice fishing I hear a report of someone going through the ice. Conditions this winter have remained dicey at best.

I do hope to get a few days in on the ice before the season ends, if only so I have something to write about in my Maine Sportsman magazine column.

And this week should see action picking up a bit. Next week should be even better, so if you can find safe ice, try to get out there and enjoy it because as noted above, spring draws neigh. But above all, exercise caution and regularly check ice thickness as you walk out on our lakes and ponds.

Weekly quote

“In February, if though hearest thunder, thou shalt see a summer wonder.” – Old English Motto.


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