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By Tom Seymour | Mar 20, 2020



Town meeting postponed

Waldo First Selectman Kathy Littlefield announces that the annual Waldo town meeting is canceled. The town will still hold its annual meeting, but at a later date to be announced at the conclusion of the present ban on large gatherings.

Also, anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the 2020 Waldo Annual Town Report can find copies at Weaver’s Variety. First Selectman Kathy Littlefield is willing to put reports in plastic bags and hang them on people’s doors. Contact Kathy at 342-5348.

Town Clerk Sandra Smith tells me that the Waldo Town Office is now closed. People who need to register a motor vehicle should note that registrations that have expired during the time of declared emergency, and this includes watercraft, will be extended for a period of 20 days after the current emergency has officially ended.

Many watercraft, though, have a slightly different set of circumstances. Boat registrations that expired last winter (few, if any people re-register their boats in winter) will not be granted an extension. However, it is possible to register online. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (DIF&W) has an electronic setup named with the acronym, “MOSES,” along with a “Rapid Renewal” system that allows for online registrations.

For online renewal of watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs, call the DIF&W Main Office in Augusta at 287-8000. And finally, those wishing to pay property taxes can send a check to Sandra Smith, tax collector, at 54 Gurney Hill Road, Waldo, ME 04915.

Perchin’ prediction

I have been in contact with DIF&W Commissioner Judy Camuso regarding opening the fishing season on rivers, brooks and streams immediately, rather than making people wait until the traditional opening day of April 1.

I explained that there is no biological reason for the April date and that it is simply based upon tradition. But with people shut in and unable to do anything in concert with each other, allowing us to go out and fish our numerous brooks and streams, opening the season immediately would be a kind move on the part of DIF&W.

Soon after, according to a news release dated March 20, Commissioner Camuso and Gov. Mills announced that fishing season on rivers, brooks and streams was now officially open. Go fishing!

Road woes

East Waldo Road is in the worst condition it has been in since 2006. The washboard effect, coupled with unavoidable potholes, have made the road nearly impassable.

It is so bad that a person from out of state drove here to view my place, which is for sale. He remarked that he liked the property and had the cash to buy it. Except for one, teeny, little thing. The road. He said he would never want to live on such an ill-maintained road. So East Waldo Road has caused me to lose a sale.

Other dirt roads in town are in bad shape, too. But East Waldo Road is the worst of all. Even a light scraping of the surface, just enough to make a one-vehicle-wide path, would come as a great help. I have asked First Selectman Kathy Littlefield to consider this and she has reached out to Road Commissioner Alvin Winslow.

Whether or not Commissioner Winslow responds is the next question. If he is content to allow these atrocious, dangerous conditions to persist, know again that I have done everything in my power to effect change in this regard.

Free food

I’m not talking free food from the store, but rather, free wild food from nature. With a run on foodstuffs from our stores, people can easily avail themselves of the nutritious food available from our fields, woods and streamsides. Some great vegetables even grow wild on our lawns and garden beds.

To that end, I am dedicating my home-and-garden columns in the Courier chain of newspapers to discussing what plants to look for now. I will include photos as well as plant descriptions and ways to use them. It all starts this week in my From The Ground Up column.

Meanwhile, be safe and for those who believe in God, keep praying on a regular basis.


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