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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 04, 2014
Photo by: Tom Seymour Hungry deer come out in spring.

by Tom Seymour

Much has happened since last week’s column appeared. In that short time, our dirt roads have become seas of deep mud. Both Bonne Terre Road and East Waldo Road had several days where they were impassable.

In all my years of running (okay, driving) up and down these roads, I don’t recall conditions quite this bad. We can attribute the cause to increased traffic. More people move out to the country and that equals more motor vehicles. At one time, I might have counted the cars to drive down East Waldo Road in a day on one hand. Now it takes both hands, both feet and a calculator.

Thankfully, the town was able to secure a quantity of small stones to fill the gaping ruts. Also, several vehicles were stranded on East Waldo Road last Saturday night and town road commissioner Alvin Winslow reports hauling these vehicles to safety the next day.

After several loads of stone and a stretch or warm, sunny weather, conditions have improved significantly.

Under The Feeder

Megan Pinette wins my annual “Spot The First Turkey Vulture” contest. Megan spied one of the big carrion-eaters on March 24. I saw one flying, of all places, down my driveway, a few days later.

Bob Cookson called to report a large flock of red-winged blackbirds. These birds are showing up all over the place now, a sure sign of spring.

Dan Avener saw several song sparrows and last Wednesday afternoon, I heard a flock of Canada geese passing overhead.

Please keep those calls, emails and bird sightings coming. It’s good to learn what readers are seeing out there in our area.

A group of five deer have been showing up behind my house on a patch of south-facing ground that is free of snow. The animals are rooting around in a patch of wintergreen. I didn’t know deer cared for wintergreen, but in early spring, pickings are slim and they’ll eat things they normally wouldn’t in better times.

Perchin’ Prediction

Last Tuesday, April 1, saw me once again head out in the gray light of dawn for some first-of-the-year trout fishing. The trouble was, all the streams were frozen. And ones that had a little open water showing had shelf ice along the edges, dangerous ice that prevented me from getting close enough to make a cast.

So for the first time in a long time, I got skunked. No trout. Not a nibble. I didn’t even imagine one. But at least I did it, by gosh. Walking was bad because of snow and ice. I slipped a few times and once, nearly tumbled down a steep bank. Also, I got in a place where snow crust kept breaking, sending me down a foot or more, knocking the breath out of me. But I’m none the worse for the wear, it’s good to say.

I predict that it will be some time yet before anyone anywhere can catch anything.

Weekly Quote

“Oh how this spring of love resembleth

The uncertain glory of an April day!

Which now shows all the beauty of the sun

And by and bye a cloud takes all away.” – William Shakespeare, from Two Gentlemen of Verona.

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