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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 11, 2014

by Tom Seymour

Town roads are drying up at last. This welcome news is followed by less-cheerful tidings. That is, the obligatory potholes are appearing in droves. Do you suppose they are attracted by the warmer days? Something is drawing them in, that’s for sure.

Under The Feeder

The big news this week is not anything from town government…to my knowledge, there is nothing to report on that front. However, lots of nature-related stuff has me excited. I am happy to report that on last Monday morning, a phoebe returned to my place. After that, while trout fishing on a yet-ice-covered stream, I flushed the first woodcock of the season, a plump, good-looking bird that only went about 40 yards before alighting to the ground.

And as if that weren’t enough, on Thursday morning, a mourning cloak butterfly bounced into the air in front of me. So spring has sprung and we have much to be thankful for.

But that’s not all. On Thursday afternoon, while fishing, I saw a turtle up on a bank and it wasn’t typical of turtles normally seen in these settings. So a closer look revealed that it was a wood turtle. These are nowhere near as common as other turtles, which makes my sighting a good one.

Then, on Friday morning, a purple finch flew across the East Waldo Road. All in all, it’s been a fruitful week in nature observing.

Perchin’ Prediction

Nothing going yet, despite my best efforts. High water makes it difficult to bet a bait or lure down to where fish wait. Maybe next week.

Good Visit

By the way, I had a nice visit with Gilbert Hatch this past week. Gilbert lives on the west side of town, near the old Maine Forest Service station. Gilbert has a two-basin metal sink once used in the milk room of a local dairy. He has made a stand for it and used it for cleaning gardening tools, rinsing vegetables and so on. But Gilbert no longer uses it and has given it to me. I’ll set it up outside my greenhouse and there it will serve me well in the future. Thanks, Gil, for thinking of me.

Weekly Quote

“The power to tax is the power to destroy.” – Chief Justice John Marshall

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