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By Jordan M Bailey | Apr 18, 2014
Photo by: Tom Seymour Tom's one trout of 2014

by Tom Seymour

Those on unpaved town roads can put their recyclables out for pickup on Monday, April 28. Pickup of recyclable items was put on hold due to an extra-difficult mud season, but will resume on Monday.

I’m writing this column on Good Friday and contemplating what to do on Easter Sunday. At least this year will see good weather, so perhaps I’ll just get out in the woods and revel in nature. And, I have a ham thawing for my Easter dinner. I’ve never quite understood how ham came to be the meal of choice for this special day, but like everyone else, I have accepted it and would feel odd without having it on Easter.

Next, remember that the first of our two annual clean-up days nears. This will happen on May 11. A fee is assessed on many items, so it makes sense to check first on what it will cost to get rid of your unwanted material. Call 342-5348 for more information.

Dearth of Dandelions

Last year at this time I was happily digging and eating dandelions. This year, the ground is still frozen on my best dandelion patch. When things finally begin growing, which they must, we can all load up on those vitamin-filled spring greens. Old timers always listened to their bodies and sought such things as dandelions and wintercress, a.k.a. “wild mustard.” These supplied much-needed vitamins and minerals, just the prescription for people coming out of a long winter without fresh vegetables.

In fact, I can recall driving around in April and in nearly every field, seeing people with dandelion diggers and 5-gallon pails. Now, that tradition has largely fallen into disuse.

Perchin’ Prediction

Thus far I have caught one trout. By this time I should have somewhat tired of eating trout. Now I’m so fish-starved that I’m considering going to the store to buy a salmon steak. How far the mighty fisherman has fallen.

It will be some time before water levels in streams drop to fishable levels. And our larger lakes are still ice-covered.

Weekly Quote

“The fatter the government, the skinnier the people.” - Anonymous

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