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By Dan West | May 16, 2014

By Tom Seymour

Twice each year, once in spring and once in fall, I become an expert weather forecaster. The spring version happened last week. On Friday, without prior knowledge, I accurately predicted heavy rain for Saturday. How did this meteorological ability come to me? Simple. I heard the road grader coming. For the last 30-some years that I know of, heavy rains follow each road grading. And, of course, the rain scours the just-paved road, which in turn, brings back the potholes. Some things never change.

Under The Feeder

Albert Jackson reports the arrival of hummingbirds to his place. Al also mentioned seeing bluebirds carrying nest-constructing material. That’s good news, Albert. Thanks for the report.

Perchin’ Prediction

With the moon on the wane, along with warming water temperatures, all species of fish should be on the move. Salmon and trout, coldwater fish, have conditions much to their liking and spiny-rayed, warmwater fish such as white perch and black crappies, are spawning now. It’s a perfect time to get out and wet a line.

Memorial Day

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is upon us. While Waldo does not conduct any formal ceremony, the town does honor its departed veterans by placing American flags on the graves of all veterans in town cemeteries. Some of our heroes date back to the American Revolution.

Weekly Quote

The following is my amended version of a traditional saying: “The boss is always right even when he or she is wrong.”

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