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By Jordan M Bailey | Jun 23, 2014

by Tom Seymour

Not having heard any official news from town officials, I’ll offer my regular smattering of items.

First, my column didn’t make it into the paper last week because I wasn’t home to write it. Instead, I was presenting foraging programs in Harpswell and later in the week, Forest City, a small village on East Grand Lake. Both classes were filled with appreciative participants, making my job fun and easy.

Next, I’m sad to report that while my 2008 Ford Focus passed inspection, it wouldn’t have made it next year. Rust had destroyed my six-year old car. Ask me sometime for an opinion on the salt slurry they put on our roads. But be prepared for some colorful expletives.

Anyway, I was forced to trade cars and now own a black, Chevy Cruz. So as it turns out, no one on East Waldo Road recognizes me, since they all expect to see me in a gray Focus. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes people to realize who is behind the wheel of the black Chevy. So far, no one waves, but I expect that to change soon.

Perchin’ Prediction

Everything in my book of tricks says that white perch should bite well now. As per other fish, I got my boat out to Swan Lake last week for the first time this year. After trolling for several hours, my rod sprung up as the downrigger clamp released line and I began fighting what felt like a huge fish, probably a togue. But soon, my fish stopped coming. It had wrapped around the downrigger cable and freed itself. Such has been my fishing luck thus far this year. Hopefully, readers will fare better and also, my “snakebit” spell will soon end.

Under The Feeder

Birder Dan Avener has sent me a number of exceptional close-up photos of songbirds. Dan is having fun with a new digital camera with an excellent zoom lens.

Here on East Waldo Road, the catbird I mentioned recently remains around my place.

And in other nature news, while headed down my driveway, I was compelled to swing wide in order to miss a huge snapping turtle that was walking down the drive. From whence it came and to where it was headed remains a mystery.

Which reminds me, turtles of all sorts continue crossing roads in order to lay eggs in sandy areas. So please keep a weather eye peeled for these harmless reptiles and try not to run over them.

Weekly Quote

“English has not been spoken there [America] for years.” – Henry Higgins, from My Fair Lady.

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