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By Dan West | Jul 03, 2014

By Tom Seymour

I have some red-hot news to report this week. It seems that…sorry, there is no news, but at least now I have your attention. Besides that, no news is good news, so “they” say.

I do have some personal news which I’ll share. On Saturday, July 12, I will officiate at my friend John McMillan’s wedding. This will be the first wedding that I have preached at, although I have piped at countless unions. The McMillan wedding should be enjoyable, since John is a pure Cajun and he says that food and music will reflect his heritage. I look forward to it.

With the 4th of July past, I wonder how many readers took time to go out to their gardens and measure their corn. The old saying about corn, “knee-high by fourth of July” always prompts me to go out and check. And this year, my corn has once again met the folksy, height requirement. This means that I should have enough for eating and canning too.

Under The Feeder

Birds have become a bit reclusive as of late, excepting for that effervescent catbird that stays so close to my house. Also, the ospreys on nests on the high-tension poles at the Belfast end of East Waldo Road have returned. Workers on the lines disturbed the birds and they abandoned nests and everything else in their flight. But now they’re back.

The other day I noticed the mint next to my house shaking back and forth. I was sure that some songbird was hopping about on the stems, searching for insects. My guess was correct, because not long after, a yellow-throated warbler showed itself and it was, indeed, hopping about, searching for insects.

Perchin’ Prediction

White perch have now formed into large schools and should be active this week. Look for perch in about 10 – 20 feet of water. Also, while they should be in by now, I’ve not yet heard of anyone catching mackerel. It’s just a matter of time, though.

Weekly Quote

“When they call roll in the senate, the senators do not know whether to answer ‘present’ or ‘not guilty.’” – Theodore Roosvelt

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