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By Dan West | Jul 11, 2014

By Tom Seymour

Town government seems as though it is in summer recess right now, but there are still some items for me to share this week.

First, the town spread calcium, a.k.a. “road salt” on the unpaved roads about two weeks ago and that effort paid off in a big way. The calcium quickly drew moisture from the air and compacted the gravel and also, the fine stuff that typically forms into dust and blows away. I would suggest that one application of calcium is responsible for saving several tons of fine gravel from our roads.

And despite the July 4th storm and other torrential downpours, the roads have held up, thanks to being compacted by the calcium. It makes paying taxes a little less taxing (okay, it’s corny, but so what) when the value of our tax dollars comes to fruition right before our eyes. Well done, Waldo.

Next, I still find it difficult to explain where I live as I travel about the state teaching foraging for wild plants. It does get old, this “where’s Waldo?” stuff. So now, when I’m in southern Maine I just say I come from “Down East.” And when I really am Down East, I tell them I’m from the Midcoast. That seems to satisfy most people’s curiosity.

Perchin’ Prediction

According to the mystical, esoteric and ancient methods I use to determine if fish will bite or not, I find that fish shouldn’t bite well right now. But the fish prove my mystical, esoteric and ancient models incorrect. Yes, fish, all kinds of fish, are biting to beat the band. And that’s a good thing. So grab a fishing rod and get out there. Summer will be gone before we know it.

Under The Feeder

Bird news is scarce, but four-legged critter news is right up there. A coyote has chosen to walk all the woodland paths around my house and mark it all as its personal territory. This the critter does by leaving scats in prominent and obvious places, such as the section of trail about 10 feet from my bedroom window. When on this mission, the animal often emits one or two horrific screams, usually between 2 and 3 a.m. and this always jumps me out of bed, wide-awake instantly.

I have gone on a campaign to challenge this coyote. I won’t mention all the steps involved, but one is to take a shovel and remove the scats. This obviously angers the animal, because it stops at its scat stations and howls louder than ever and in a menacing way. We’ll see who wins here, me or the coyote. For those who bet, I’d place the big bucks on me.

Well, it’s about time I do as town columnists have done through the ages and report on a “good time was had by all” occasion. Last Wednesday night my buddies Dan Woodrow and Tony Wieman came to visit and we had a wicked good lobster and clam feed. And let me tell you, a good time really was had by all.

Weekly Quote

Carson Robison, a country and folk singer from the early years of the 20th century did one song that rings true to this day. It’s about a pastor down south who ran afoul of the elders in his church because he chewed tobacco and drank whisky. The pastor’s answer to his critics, in melody and meter, was: “Shout and pray on the good Lord’s day, and treat your neighbor well. A chaw of tobacco and a little drink won’t send your soul to hell.”

So whether or not you chaw or drink, please do treat your neighbor well. That’s always good advice.

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