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By Carolyn Zachary | Aug 18, 2014

By Tom Seymour

Once again, we have no governmental-type news to report. However, I will note that Waldo residents should prepare for their property tax bills, which will be sent out in just a short while. Better to know what’s coming and take care to meet it, I say.

Last week the town mowed roadside weeds and brush. Our rural roads look much neater now. And in the case of sharp turns on corners, roads are much safer too, since the tall weeds reduced visibility considerably.

Torrential rain hit our town this week. So what’s new? But this time, the rain was coupled with high winds and the combination raised havoc on gardens. My corn was hit particularly hard and some stalks were flattened and others reeled at crazy angles. Despite my efforts to shim up the stalks, many still tilt this way and that. The storm even knocked down my Swiss chard, leaving it prey to voles and snails.

Perchin’ Prediction

Since general law on trout in rivers and streams ended on the 15th, I went out a few days prior and caught a limit of our native brook trout from some of my favorite streams. This I did a day prior to the great deluge. But before hitting the brooks for trout, I went to my “secret” crappie hole and caught a great number of fish, keeping only three of the biggest ones. These weighed enough that I wouldn’t have wanted to have carried any more out. The fillets gained from this gave me fodder to two hearty fish fries.

Under The Feeder

We have two interesting bird reports this week. First, a northern cuckoo has been serenading people on East Waldo Road. This often-heard but seldom-seen bird has a trademark call, one that immediately proclaims its identity.

The other sighting was of a pair of common snipe. These were on a wet area on my land and when they took off they acted in typical snipe fashion, shooting into the air at great speed and then making a second pass around. I love snipe and was glad to see the pair.

Intrepid Reader

I went to the chiropractors for an adjustment the other day and the doc, Richard Horowitz, took a feather and pushed it in my side. He said, “So I can’t knock you over with a feather after all.” This was in response to a recent column where I mentioned being so surprised that you could have knocked me over with a feather. Leave it to Doc to do something like that.

Weekly Quote

“If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

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