Waldo Town News

By Carolyn Zachary | Aug 21, 2014

By Tom Seymour

Good news for drivers on East Waldo Road. Two rocks that had always protruded above the graded surface just enough to concern those with low-hanging chassis were marked with red paint one day and several days later, removed from the road. One rock was huge, far larger than anyone might have imagined.

Next, a second pass with the grass and brush clipper has town roadsides looking neat and trim.

Under the feeder

Mountain lion reports just keep on coming. Another resident, this time on East Waldo Road, reports seeing one of the big, long-tailed cats cross the road down near the Belfast line.

And on the heels of that report, a truck driver delivering some shingles to my house told me that last spring, he saw a mountain lion crossing the road on Route 7 in Waldo.

It’s for sure that all these people are seeing something and it seems to me that what they say they are seeing is exactly what they are seeing, that is, mountain lions. Let’s just hope that the big cats don’t start picking off joggers, as they do in California.

In more Under The Feeder news, that northern cuckoo has been active in the woods behind my house. And if my identification is wrong, I have no idea what else it might be. But what other than a cuckoo has a song that sounds like, “cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo?”

Perchin’ prediction

Freshwater fish, including perch, are biting quite well lately. I suffered a setback last week, though, while trolling Swan Lake for togue.

After a lengthy stretch of no bites, it seemed like a good idea to reel in and zip over to another part of the lake. But for some reason I forgot to haul in my downrigger ball. Gunning the motor caused the cable to snap.

The guy in the store told me he sells at least one new cannonball each week to people like me who forget to pull the thing in before taking off. At least I’m not alone.

Weekly quote

“Here and there may be found men in all walks of life who neither wonder or care how much or how little the world thinks of them.” Sumner Kimball.



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