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By Carolyn Zachary | Aug 29, 2014

By Tom Seymour

I’ve had breakfast at Bowen’s Tavern a few times lately and usually, I get to sit with fellow Waldo resident Walt Wagner. It’s a pleasant way to begin the day, having a leisurely breakfast and chatting with neighbors.

Tax bills arrived in the mail last week. I didn’t notice any sizeable increase in the amount, a good thing in these difficult economic times.

With Labor Day come and gone, things are beginning to look more and more like fall. There’s a clarity to the air this time of year that presages coming change. It’s a time of brilliant days under clear, azure skies and chilly nights with the Milky Way sparkling like a jewel-studded belt across the sky.

Perchin’ Prediction

My work schedule has been such that it left time for precious little perchin’. But that will soon change as jobs become fewer and I can spend more days at home. September was always a great month for white perch, since they have long since formed into huge schools of like-sized individuals. Try early in the morning if possible. That’s when hundreds of perch jump and splash on the still surface, easy targets for a well-placed cast.

Under The Feeder

A flock of perhaps 100 grackles flew into my wooded yard last week, some landing atop tall pine trees, others dropping to the ground and picking up insects. It’s a sign of the times, although it does seem a bit early to me. However, I’m told that barn swallows have already begun migrating. That, too, seems a bit hasty. Many other songbirds as well as birds of prey will soon gather together for their fall migration.

Vexing Question

A friend wrote with a minor complaint: “My Sunday paper continues to arrive on Saturday.” His concern was duly noted.

Weekly Quote

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein


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