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By Stephanie Grinnell | May 19, 2017

By Tom Seymour

Riding home in the Dutch Chevrolet courtesy van while my vehicle was being serviced, the driver remarked on how potholed East Waldo Road was. I pointed out that the road was graded a month ago, just prior to a protracted spell of heavy rain. The constant, driving rain, coupled with an increased traffic load, raised havoc with the newly graded road.

Other town dirt roads have their problems too, but East Waldo Road has a hidden secret. The late John Palmer once told me that he remembered when, back in the 1930s, the road was corduroyed. That is, logs were placed, bridge-style, over the wet areas that comprised much of the road. After that, dead sand, probably the poorest but also the cheapest source of fill, was placed over the corduroy. And for years after, dead sand remained the main type of fill.

Nowadays the town, when it does add fill, uses crushed stone or gravel rather than dead sand. But the old corduroy still has its revenge in that ridges develop on the roadbed, following the contour of the corduroy. Over the years I’ve even seen bits of log poking up from the road, evidence of the old corduroy working its way to the surface.

Under the feeder

Hummingbirds are back in force, warblers have returned and all is right with the bird world. Woodchucks feed heavily now on newly green grass and gardeners are advised to apply small animal repellent to young crops. And if you choose a more lethal method, remember that woodchucks eat only the best food (often your vegetables) and when roasted, taste really good.

Perchin’ Prediction

Surface water temperature of local lakes and ponds has hit the “magic” mark of 53 degrees. This is warm enough to stimulate logy trout to go on the prowl. So if you have a boat and like trolling, it’s time to head out. And if you catch some big fish, tell ‘em Tom sent you.

Weekly quote

“Hedgerows all alive,

With gnats and large white butterflies…” – E. B. Browning.

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