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By Carolyn Zachary | May 11, 2018
Photo by: Tom Seymour Male rose-breasted grosbeak.

Waldo Town News

By Tom Seymour

May 11, 2018

194 East Waldo Road

Waldo, ME 04915

(207) 338-974


Here’s a suggestion for a seasonal treat. Dandelions, as everyone knows, are not only edible but packed with nutrition. But most everyone eats only the leaves and crowns. After the blossoms show up, the leaves become bitter, effectively ending the dandelion season.

However, the blossoms, or flowers, are a delicious food product all on their own. When dipped in batter and fried, dandelion blossoms excel as either a side dish or main course. Any batter will do, but I found that Tempura batter, located in the ethnic section of any supermarket, makes an outstanding product.

So before mowing the lawn, try picking some dandelion blossoms first and cooking them up. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Under the feeder

While driving along East Waldo Road last week, I noted a large animal moving about in a ditch. It turned out to be a turkey vulture feeding upon some road-killed animal. The vulture jumped in the air and flew just slightly above my car, keeping pace with me. It finally flew off into the woods.

That was enough, but also last week while sitting out back and listening for frogs, a turkey vulture soared high above me. But then I noticed that it was descending, becoming ever closer. Was it checking me out as a possible food source? It certainly looked that way. Before the critter got any closer I decided to leave while the leaving was good.

Also under the feeder last week was, in addition to all the regulars, a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks. I got some fine photos to keep as mementos.

And finally, the hummingbirds have returned. I immediately put new sugar water in my hummingbird feeder and the little birds quickly began feeding. Overall, it was an interesting week in nature.

Perchin’ prediction

With water temperatures rising and the moon going into a perfect phase for fishing, I predict that anglers will experience red-hot fishing this week. But there’s no way to verify my prediction without getting out on the water and trying it out for yourself. So take some time, go fishing and good luck.

Weekly quote

“You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.” — Anonymous



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