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By Tom Seymour | Feb 21, 2020



It seems hard to believe, but in about one month, Waldo will host its annual town meeting. This usually coincides with mud season and for those living on town dirt roads, that means attempting to keep vehicles shiny-clean becomes nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Gourmet cook

I’ve shared some wonderful meals with David and Martha Putnam this winter. The Putnams live in what was the Doak Residence and fortunately for me, they have become friends.

While I am not in the least a “worldly” person, the Putnams are and David has amazed me with some of his special treats, the last of which was homemade enchiladas. David makes everything from scratch and for enchiladas, uses special corn flour and other homemade ingredients.

Another taste treat, one that I probably will never sample again just because it is mostly pure fat, was pork belly. The most I knew of this product was from hearing it on the stock exchange, as in pork belly futures. But the nature of the beast escaped me.

That was until one day David called and said he was coming over with some fresh-cooked pork belly. While the stuff was wonderful tasting, I could just imagine the pure pig fat clogging my arteries with every bite. But at least now I know what pork bellies are and what they taste like, thanks to my kindly neighbor.

Perchin’ prediction

While ice fishing for trout and salmon slows down by March, spiny-rayed fish put on the feedbag. Black crappies and white perch, in particular, really put on the feedbag. So if you are in the mood for some fresh fillets, now is a great time to get out there and catch a bunch of fish.

Fortunately for me, my freezer still holds quite a few packages of fillets from last summer. When properly wrapped, fish fillets keep for six months or more without losing their freshness.

I am due to hit Moosehead Lake for salmon, brook trout and togue and if I do well I’ll make certain to report it here. Meanwhile, the season will soon draw to an end, so if you enjoy hardwater angling, it’s time to make the most of it.

Under the feeder

While desired bird species such as cardinals are scarce this year, I have had a visitor that gives me great pleasure in watching. It’s a partridge that comes hopping out of the woods and then flies up to my crabapple tree. There, it nibbles last season’s frozen crabapples to its heart’s content.

Other than old “Pat,” regular visitors as of late include chickadees, blue jays and juncos. Cardinals and titmice only visit on the rare occasion.

On the other hand, Allen Gallant of Kendall Corner Road reports huge flocks of robins at his place. Dare we imagine that these are true migrants, true early arrivals from points south?

Spring countdown

If the recent cold snap has lowered your spirits, this may help revive them. Spring is only 21 days away. We can endure that standing on our heads. So take heart.

Weekly quote

“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” — William Shakespeare.


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