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By Sarah Reynolds | Jun 29, 2012

By Tom Seymour

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My concert for the Belfast Historical Society on Tuesday evening was well attended, with at least one Waldo resident, Lee Stover, present. I played a variety of Scottish and Irish instruments, and the show was recorded on the Belfast television station. It should be available for viewing soon, and when that happens, I’ll try and post a link here.

This damp, rainy weather has cast a gloom over the countryside. Insect pests, stirred by the constant moisture, have proliferated. Mosquitoes hover outside front doors, just waiting to attack the first person to venture out. And garden slugs, oh my, have they posed a problem.

Some “mystery” critter eats leaves and stems of my squash and cucumber plants. Eventually, I saw a slug in the act of topping a squash. Also, a slug ate around the base of a huge broccoli plant, weakening it to the point that it will probably die.

While the rest of the country experiences record heat, we here in the northeast, and also the far northwest, labor under oppressive cold and dampness.

In other news, Edna Mitchell announces that a reunion for all people who attended school in Liberty will be held at Walker School on Sunday, July 29, from 10:30 a.m. until the last person leaves, usually late afternoon. Attendees are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch. Also, anyone else who has an interest is welcome as well.

I want to mention here that my search for the oldest residents of the town of Waldo must include Walter Gordon, of East Waldo Road. Walter is 92 and active and healthy.

Walter served in the U.S. military during World War II, and his service was exemplary. He was, among other duties, called to pack explosives under active enemy bunkers and to blow them up, which he did numerous times, all while under fire. Walter explained this to me some time ago and one thing he said stands out in my memory: “I was never afraid, because I knew I was going to make it.”

Walter participated in the Battle Of The Bulge, among other famous campaigns. In fact, many years ago, while thumbing through a military magazine, I saw a photo of a soldier taken during the war, and the soldier looked familiar. It was my neighbor Walter. Thanks to him and all our other Waldo veterans for their service.

If anyone has a friend, neighbor or loved one who vies for the oldest resident, or someone noteworthy because of military service or any other contribution to humanity in general, please contact me and I’ll run a piece in this column.

Finally, for those interested in attending church services, I am preaching at Brooks Congregational Church on July 15 and 29, as well as Aug. 12 and 26. Services, according to new summer hours, begin at 9 a.m.

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