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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 16, 2012

By Tom Seymour



Saturday Nov. 24, marks the last day of regular firearms season on deer. This gives hunters one more day than usual to fill their deer tags.

Pa’tridge Prediction

While on the subject of hunting, Thompson’s Variety in Waldo has tagged a total of 39 deer as of Friday, Nov. 16. And although the regular season ends soon, as mentioned above, muzzleloader season continues through Dec. 10 in our region. Because of that, I will offer a conclusion and comment piece at the end of muzzleloader season.

Free dinner

The Searsport Lions Club will host a free Thanksgiving dinner at their clubhouse on Prospect Street from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Everyone is invited, including folks from Waldo who might not have a place to go and want to enjoy some holiday cheer. Thanks, Lions, that’s a great gesture.

Oyster fest

Speaking of clubs, the “Waldo Oyster Eating Club,” comprised of members Tom Seymour and Leo T. Mills, held an event on Friday, Nov. 16. This consisted of the two of us scoffing down a variety of oysters, fresh from the sea and served cold, on the half-shell. Leo and I get together as often as we can and sample different varieties of the succulent shellfish. And just to show how ecology-minded we are, the shells always get dropped in any of the various holes in my driveway. And by the looks of things, it will take many more years and many oyster feeds before we get the upper hand on those potholes.

Missing column

Readers may wonder what happened to last week’s Waldo News. I wrote it and sent it in ahead of deadline. And look as I might, I could not find it in last week’s paper. Too bad, since I had a new feature, a “What’s It” section, with a photo of a mystery object for readers to try to identify.

Also, after writing and sending in my RFD Maine column for this week’s editorial pages, I noticed that my friend Marion Tucker-Honeycutt has written a similar column … not exactly the same, but with some of the same sentiments. So it looks as though Marion and I think alike; no surprise because in fact, we do have much in common.

Weekly quote

“What’s the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has its limits.” - Anonymous

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