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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 26, 2012
Photo by: Tom Seymour Call or email columnist Tom Seymour if you can identify this item.

By Tom Seymour



Here’s hoping that readers had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. I stayed home and prepared a small ham, along with a rutabaga, cauliflower, macaroni salad, green beans and of course, cranberry sauce.

If any news of interest has occurred since last week, I haven’t heard of it. But sometimes no news is good news, or so “they” say.

Pa’tridge Prediction

First, let me apologize for a mistaken date for the end of deer season. My 2011-2012 law book listed the last day as Nov. 26. But despite its being a 2012 law book, it is outdated. The 2012-2013 (yes, it is confusing … it certainly confused me) is the one to go by and the date for the last day this year was Saturday, Nov. 24, not Monday, Nov. 26.

Thompson’s Variety in Waldo had tagged a total of 46 deer as of 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 24.

What with the open firearm season on deer over, bird hunters can get back out and take advantage of the December season. In other words, it’s back to pa’tridge hunting again. And I do hope to take one or two this month. It would make a fitting way to end the year. Besides that, a Christmas dinner of roast grouse seems like an elegant and delightful way to celebrate the season.

What’s It

I’m initiating a new feature for the Waldo News. It’s my “What’s It?” section. From time to time, I’ll run a photo of something that, while interesting, may not be familiar to the average person. My first offering accompanies this column. I’ll ask readers to contact me either by phone or email and tell me the identity of the mystery item. The name of the first person to get it right will appear in the next Waldo News. So good luck to all and I look forward to reader response.

Oh, in addition to a mystery item, I plan on running a “Where’s This?” feature. I’ll post a photo of someplace in Waldo and ask readers to tell me where the picture was taken. We might as well have some fun, don’t you think?

Finally, I invite readers to be sure and check out my nature blog. This was begun when I wrote for the Courier-Gazette back sometime around 2004 or 2005. With the exception of a short hiatus, I’ve kept the blog going ever since, and it has archives, too, so you can check back a long time. It’s full of interesting nature observations. To see it, just go to: www.WildPlantsandWoolyBears.blogspot.com.

Weekly quote

“Leaders don’t need a title to be able to lead.” – Allen West

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