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By Sarah Reynolds | Dec 27, 2012
Courtesy of: Isabel Morse Maresh The Birches in Waldo.

By Tom Seymour

Hello and happy holidays to all Journal readers. No municipal events to report again, but we do have a few items of interest nonetheless.

Photo identified

First, I’m pleased to announce that we have a winner of last week’s “Where’s It?” contest. Judy Rohweder was first to write me with the correct answer. The building (or what’s left of it) shown in the photo is atop Peavey Hill on the East Waldo Road, across from the Wagner Farm. Congratulations, Judy.

We also had a runner-up for our photo contest. Judy Kaiser was the second person with the correct answer.

I’ve enjoyed this and plan on doing lots more “Where’s It? and What’s It?” features. Thanks to all who participated.

The Birches

This week’s photo comes to us courtesy of Isabel Morse Maresh. In addition to being a past town columnist for The Republican Journal, Isabel is a consummate historian and has chronicled much of Waldo County and Belmont’s past. Isabel was kind enough to send this venerable photo of The Birches, an old scenic area along the Birches Road in Waldo.

Those of us, including myself, who are old enough to recall when the grove of birch trees in the photo still stood, also remember that the place was locally famous. It seems to me that I once even saw a “Kodachrome” photo of The Birches on a postcard.

Anyway, birches are relatively short-lived compared to other hardwoods. The birches in today’s photo are gone primarily because they have died of old age. But what a sight they presented when in their full glory. Thanks to Isabel Morse Maresh for sending this photo. Look for more of these in the future, as Isabel sorts them out and sends them along.

Perchin’ prediction

With the onset of the new year, we bid farewell to my Pa’tridge Prediction until next fall. But now it’s time to re-instate the Perchin’ Prediction. And what a bleak prediction it is, at least for the short term. Warm weather and rains have made what little ice that managed to form on lakes and ponds totally unsafe. We’ll just have to wait for an extended cold snap in order to get out ice fishing.

I will note that harbor pollock continue to bite at various harbors up and down the coast. I have taken them in winter from Rockport to Bar Harbor and at places in between. If you decide to try this chilly sport, know that the current limit is 6 fish under 18 inches. Good luck.

Weekly quote

“Always be yourself because the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter.” - Anonymous

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