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By Sarah Reynolds | Jan 25, 2013
Photo by: Tom Seymour If you know where in Waldo this gravestone is, contact Tom Seymour, and you might win this week's 'Where's It?' contest.

By Tom Seymour



Carol Miller called this week to say that from age 6 to age 15, she lived next door to Sadie Fletcher’s store at Cozy Corner in Waldo. “That was over 60 years ago,” Carol said.

Carol commented that Sadie was a good-humored person, funny and outgoing. Carol also quoted prices of common goods sold at the store, and these may make some of us yearn for the old days to return. For example, five gallons of gasoline cost $1, and bread was 25 cents per loaf.

According to Carol, Sadie Fletcher’s store was the equivalent of our modern convenience store. Sadie sold things like coffee, pastries and donuts. Fast food of an earlier time, in other words.

Many thanks to Carol Miller for her kindness in sharing her memories with our readers.

California reader

The Republican Journal gets around, that’s for sure. Reader Deanna Holman of Stockton, Calif., wrote last week, telling me how she enjoys reading about goings-on in the town of Waldo. Deanna also mentioned that she heard cicadas (the critter featured in a recent “What’s It?” section) all summer when she was a child growing up and playing in the heat and humidity of Galveston, Texas. Thanks, Deanna, for checking in.

I wonder how many other people from other states, and perhaps even other countries, read TRJ? It would be great to hear from other readers in other places.

Perchin’ Prediction

And speaking of getting around, I’m headed for Jim’s Smelt Camps on the Kennebec River for a night of fun and camaraderie. And hopefully, smelt will cooperate and we will bring home a mess of these tasty sea-run delicacies.

For those who haven’t done it, going smelting at one of these camps has much to recommend it. The camp owner provides everything, from tackle and bait to a heated ice shack, complete with electric lights and a steady supply of firewood. Ice fishing doesn’t get much easier. Guests rent a shack by the tide … a six-hour stretch.

Other than that, freshwater fishing will remain just so-so. At the very least, forecasters call for a warming trend this week, so perhaps we can bid farewell to these sub-zero readings.

Where’s It?

Today’s “Where’s It?” photo features the headstone of a Revolutionary War solder who served during the Valley Forge winter. So if we here get to complaining about the cold, just think back on what those heroes endured and our discomfort won’t seem so bad at all.

Winners from both online and print versions of The Republican Journal will be mentioned in next week’s column. Just contact me and tell me where in Waldo this headstone stands. Hint – it’s not far off the road.

Weekly quote

“If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

Belfast history

I have written a two-part history of Belfast for Fisherman’s Voice Magazine. This appeared in the December and January issues and can be read online by going to www.fishermansvoice.com. Readers from other places as well as expatriate Mainers may find the history of Waldo County’s shire town interesting, and so I mention it here.

And while online, be sure to check out my blog at www.wildplantsandwoolybears.blogspot.com.

Finally, don’t forget that public supper hosted by Waldo Boosters at Waldo Town Hall on Saturday, Feb. 9, 4-6 p.m. Italian cuisine, free-will offering at the door.

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Posted by: Maria Gail | Jan 26, 2013 10:56

Tom, will you check the URL for your two-part history of Belfast for Fisherman’s Voice Magazine?  I can't get there...


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