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By Sarah Reynolds | Feb 15, 2013

By Tom Seymour



The big news for Waldo this past week was the weekend blizzard. It was hard to measure, since blowing and drifting precluded anything like an average depth. But by estimating the height of objects covered with snow, I judged that close to 30 inches fell.

The worst part of it for me was that necessity dictated that I had to shovel from house to car as fast as possible, not my first choice, but an unavoidable one. The end result proved that while we can demand, and get, great things from the human body, we usually pay for it later. In my case, it was with a very sore back.

Virginia reader

A phone call from Virginia several days ago surprised me greatly. It was from Merle Robertson of Winchester, Va. Merle grew up in Swanville, but moved away many years ago.

Anyway, a Southern-sounding voice greeted me when I picked up the phone. Still, a certain amount of “Maine” in the accent aroused my curiosity. Merle explained that while he has spent most of his life away from the Pine Tree State, he still likes to keep up on goings-on here. To that end, he reads The Republican Journal and enjoys the Waldo Town News.

For the last several summers, Merle has made the trek from Virginia to Maine for vacation. He expects to return this summer, and I know that we all wish this expatriate Mainer well. Thanks for reading the TRJ, Merle, and especially the Waldo News. Best wishes from all of us here.

I continue to solicit calls or emails from readers in other states or countries. Just use the contact information on this column head.

Perchin’ prediction

What will begin as a fair fishing week will quickly turn to one of slow action. But as they say, a bad day’s fishing is better than a good day’s work.

Bird reports

In an earlier incarnation as Waldo town columnist, I used to run an annual bird report. Readers from Waldo and surrounding towns would contact me each spring and tell me what returning songbirds they saw.

That was a popular and fun segment, so I will begin it again. With February ending soon and March just around the corner, migrating birds will soon show up here. So send me your reports and keep those black oil sunflower seed feeders filled.

Weekly quote

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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