By Catherine Cooper | Jul 13, 2018
Courtesy of: David Allen

Not one Republican called me an "Uncle Tom".
Not one Republican called me a "coon".
Not one Republican called me a "sellout".
Not one Republican called me a self-hating racist, or a bigot, or a homophobe.
Not one Republican stabbed me in the back because I had the nerve to be a free thinker.

I was convinced as a college student back in 2004 that the Democrats were the saviors, to the point where I told my father that since it was my first year as a registered voter that I was thinking of voting for John Kerry. The next day, my old man called me down to his office and he prescribed that red pill for me via a long persuasive talk about the cold hard truth behind politics. On election day, I voted for Bush.

In 2008, I was naive enough to want to see history be made as we had a first-ever minority President in my lifetime. Due to the economic recession, I voted for Barack Obama. And then I enlisted into the United States Navy and that move gave me a whole brand new perception on life and on patriotism. We all had to live with eight years of one of the biggest mistakes I ever made by voting for Obama. And some of us voted for him twice. I didn't vote at all in 2012. The economy got even worse. Nothing in the urban areas improved. Race relations went backwards. Social media was crawling with fake armchair politicians who do nothing but post memes and report any and everyone with opposing views.

I am so thankful that this #WalkAway trend is spreading so widely and so quickly and I'm thankful that so many people have seen the light and have seen right through all the leftist liberal BS propaganda. The party that's all about "Love Trumps Hate" is ironically the same party that spreads more hate than anyone else in the United States and are riddled with the divide-and-conquer mentality. I walked away when I admittedly voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 and I will surely vote for him again in 2020. Make America Great Again and let's keep it great!

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Posted by: Don Dickinson | Jul 14, 2018 19:28

What is really sad is the way our President has ridiculed and disrespected the leaders and citizens of our allies. I certainly hope that they know this is not the voice of the American people.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 13, 2018 12:43


Fake News?



Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 13, 2018 10:33


If you posted something from Fox News I would check sources to validate of reject the information. That's how it's done.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 13, 2018 08:59


Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 13, 2018 08:57


NPR is not publicly funded at least not in whole. They are a public non profit that gets about 10% of their funding from CPB (Corporation For Public Broadcasting). CPB is funded from the federal budget and NPR, public television and public radio compete for funds from the CPB every year. But you educate a conservative of that. :)

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 13, 2018 06:15

I don't doubt it for a minute, Catherine.  Ignorance is conservative bliss, right? Why upset you twisted view of world with anything resembling reality.  Oh, and then there's this.


"Kremlin-affiliated trolls have subversively co-opted #WalkAway as an influence campaign, data appears to show. The hashtag is boosting visibility for a right-wing-hyped non-movement of disenchanted liberals who are supposedly abandoning the Democratic Party in a bid to breed division.
Data available through Hamilton 68, an analysis project focused on monitoring agitprop and backed by the Alliance for Securing Democracy, shows that swarms of Russian troll accounts made #WalkAway one of the highest ranking hashtags on Twitter in the past 48 hours.
One writer for Arc Digital noticed similar trends and came to the same conclusion.
“The primary functional goal of an astroturfed campaign like this one is to manipulate public opinion by gaming online algorithms to amplify certain content and push it onto people’s social media feeds and to the top of search engine results,” wrote behavioral scientist Caroline Orr.”


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 12, 2018 15:29

Hah!  Catherine can't read posts that are "too long?"  How typically conservative is that.  No wonder all the top minds in conservatism are leaving the Republican party.  Hey, Catherine.  Here's two short quotes, just for you.


"In a July 4 tradition that goes back 29 years, NPR has been reading the Declaration of Independence on air for its listeners. This year, they also decided to bang out the document on Twitter at 140 characters at a time. But the segmented chunks of text confused some die-hard Trump supporters who thought the publicly-funded network was making a Resistance-fueled dig at the President.

The Declaration of Independence is fervently anti-authoritarian, so it’s understandable why some would think bits and pieces of it are statements against Trump. But that’s why the Trumpkin outrage is a perfect example of how little they understand the media: Would NPR tweet out a screed that directly attacks the President? No, that makes zero sense. But explain that to someone who calls CNN “fake news.”“


“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”  -John Stuart Mill

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Jul 12, 2018 14:14

Looks like the Village Soup is becoming a MAGA Mouthpiece. I'm all for different points of view no matter how different they may be from my own. However, these "articles" are not only poorly written but lack credible research to back the authors' opinions.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 12, 2018 06:54

So because the article  I posted was from Salon you refuse to even read it even though it brings variety of sources with links together that can be easily verified. Interesting. that tells me you are getting your information from a closed bubble.

Just because there is a web site does not make it a real movement. Anyone can create a web site for any purpose. That's really the easy part.

As to "Russian Bots" you are a aware that bots are not the only tool these social engineers use, right? There are real people sitting at real keyboards creating content, memes and articles that are used in these types of attacks. Both right and left BTW.

Unless of course you believe the entire intelligence community to include NSA, DIA, FBI, ONI, and Justice department are lying. They have been investigating and reporting on these social engineering programs since the Bush administration. You can look that up!

Here's another source but since you have made up your mind and apparently have no desire or need to step outside the bubble I speculate you will not read it and may dismiss it out of hand.


Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jul 11, 2018 13:16

Sometimes we can become so wrapped up in someone else's garbage we begin to stink ourselves. Don't let that happen.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jul 11, 2018 10:04


"#Walkaway" is not a movement or even real. It is, and has been proven to be, a Russian social engineering attempt to sway the mid term elections.

So you have been duped and caught in ttheir web.


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 11, 2018 06:26

Well, Catherine, who's the snowflake now?  After years of accusing Obama of "dividing" the nation now that we have a demagogue who is actually doing it you still don't know where to place the blame.


“The number of hate groups in the United States rose for a second year in a row in 2016 as the radical right was energized by the candidacy of Donald Trump.” The number of explicitly anti-Muslim groups has nearly tripled since 2015 alone, to over 100 nationwide. There has also been a spike in reported incidents of “hate” violence, including harassment and physical assault, alongside rising anti-Muslim hostile behavior and bullying in schools. Of nearly 1,100 “bias incidents,” SPLC reports, “37 percent of them directly referenced either President-elect Trump, his campaign slogans, or his infamous remarks about sexual assault.”

"Trump’s words have in some cases directly triggered hate-driven attacks. According to the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism, state data on anti-Muslim hate crimes indicate a spate of crimes across North America, including physical assaults, vandalism, and phone threats, in the five days that followed in the wake of Trump’s December 7, 2015, speech calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” in response to the San Bernardino terrorist attack."

"But is the rage-fueled racial invective Trump stokes on stage actually driving violence on the ground? Or is it just a symptom of years of intensifying hostility? And what should Muslim and immigrant communities do when the political establishment stakes its claim to power on a culture of hate? "


"...  there were four hundred and thirty-seven incidents of intimidation between the election, on November 8th, and November 14th, targeting blacks and other people of color, Muslims, immigrants, the L.G.B.T. community, and women. One woman in Colorado told the S.P.L.C. that her twelve-year-old daughter was approached by a boy who said, “Now that Trump is President, I’m going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find.” At a school in Washington State, students chanted “build a wall” in a cafeteria. In Texas, someone saw graffiti at work: “no more illegals 1-20-17,” a reference to Inauguration Day.

Such harassment occurred throughout Trump’s campaign, but now appears to have taken on a new boldness, empowered by the election of a Ku Klux Klan-endorsed candidate who has denigrated women and racial and religious minorities. “This represents a big increase in what we’ve seen since the campaign, and these incidents are far and wide: we’re seeing them in schools, we’re seeing them in places of business, we’re seeing them in museums and gas stations,” Richard Cohen, the president of the S.P.L.C., said. “White supremacists are celebrating, and it’s their time, the way they see it.” Cohen said that an online survey of teachers found that more than half had seen an increase in hostile speech during the campaign. Students of color have wondered aloud if their parents will be deported."

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