WCGH employs new lateral imaging equipment

Jul 07, 2014
The new equipment can take lateral images without moving the patient on their side. The table also swings out so a stretcher can be put in its place without moving the patient.

Recently the staff in the Hospital’s Imaging Department was asked to x-ray a woman who had fallen and was believed to have a broken hip. Before June of this year, the tech would have had to move the woman off the stretcher onto the x-ray table and then turn the woman on her side to do the x-ray. Not now.

The Imaging Department at Waldo County General Hospital has new equipment that can do lateral images without moving the patient off the stretcher — or out of a wheelchair — and without turning patients on their side. It makes the whole process less painful, especially for trauma patients, and much safer for the patient and the x-ray technologists.

It also more efficient since one technologist can do the x-rays, especially at night, instead of having to call someone in to help move the patient from the stretcher to the board.

But not only does the x-ray board move out of the way to make room for the stretcher or wheelchair, but the images are direct capture. That means no imaging plates or cassettes. The digital image shows up on the computer in a matter of seconds.

And the set-up is much more ergonomically correct for the technologists. Instead of having to move heavy equipment, this unit moves automatically with the push of a button to the correct location to take the image.

Megan Farris, RT(M) went to Cleveland to train to use the equipment and she and the Imaging Department Manager Ann Hooper are thrilled with it.

“There’s less moving of the patient, which makes it safer, it’s ergonomically better for the techs, and we get the images much faster,” Hooper says.

She adds all future imaging equipment purchases will be direct capture.

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Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Jul 09, 2014 09:13

Headline should read:

"WCGH employs new lateral imaging equipment"

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