WCGH new room designed for kids

Aug 14, 2012
The child's bed in the new pediatrics room has a rocking chair beside it.

Waldo County General Hospital has a new patient room, one with decals of a green giraffe, a blue rhinoceros, orange dinosaurs and other colorful animals. There are also lots of books and stuffed animals. There's even a rug with butterflies on it covering part of the floor.

It is a room designed especially for children ages 1 to 12. And to take care of any patient in the room, there are nine nurses who have attended special training recently on taking care of youngsters.

"As a mother, I imagine it would be difficult to have your child away from home," said Jennifer Maddocks, RN. And explaining why she attended the recent training, she said of the children, "If they are going to be here, I wanted to know how to take care of them better."

Previously, most pediatric cases were transferred to another facility. Stephanie Mitchell, RN, nurse manager for the medical/surgical unit, said the new room will "serve the community better by keeping more kids here, closer to their families."

"It's a different challenge but I like taking care of kids," added Susan Driskell, RN. She said it's a different challenge because a medical condition can change so quickly in children and many of them "can't speak for themselves."

The new room, number 212, also has a bed for parents who want to stay the night with their child.

Nine nurses attended the training so there should always be one available, whether the child is admitted during the day, evening or night shift.

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