What are Amazon Tailored Solutions, and How Can They Help Your Company?

By Frank Coutinho | May 10, 2018
Photo by: Flickr Amazon Echo

“Alexa, please tell me what voice shopping is, and what are its benefits”.

Unfortunately, Alexa cannot answer that question (at least for now). However, Amazon can answer that question very easily. According to Amazon, The Echo Dot (the smaller and lighter version of the Amazon Echo) was the “best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across all of Amazon.” This news should not come as a surprise when you consider the fact that Amazon devices receive free advertising on their website, receive strategic placement, and a consumer-focused price point. Amazon even went so far as giving their Echo Dot a forty-percent discount during the holiday season, bringing the Echo Dot’s cost down to $29.99 from $49.99. Amazon has claimed that there are “millions of Prime members” who have shopped with Alexa. This implies that voice shopping and e-commerce is enjoying steady growth and that brands/companies will have to meet the growing needs of consumers who are shopping by voice. While voice shopping is expected to grow in 2018, it won’t necessarily dramatically change the retail landscape. It is still a new industry in its early stages, and still has lots of room for growth and improvement.


According to CNBC, Amazon Alexa is even considering adding ads into Alexa and is in talks with companies like Proctor & Gamble and Clorox about these opportunities. This should serve as yet another wake-up call for companies and brands that do not have a strong voice strategy or connection with consumers. Voice shopping is becoming a major channel for buying commodity or brand-name products. Therefore, companies should be focusing on building their relationships with customers of their brand and the improving the browsing and discovery experience. As a very minimum, Alexa is here to stay, and making your brand as voice friendly as possible is a necessary priority if you want your company and brand to remain competitive. If a voice strategy on Alexa sounds new and strange to you, you do have options. There are now several marketing companies that offer voice marketing strategies to help companies and brands tackle and resolve this massive opportunity. These marketing companies can assist you in the strategy, development, and promotion of your voice strategy. By investing in an Alexa Skill Application, you can tap into a growing pool of potential customers, stay ahead of your competition in an area where your customers can find you, and build off the power of Amazon which currently controls a huge percentage of the voice AI market. From the big strategic plays to the small minutia of ensuring brand and product names are easy for voice assistants to understand and say, that product descriptions are short and helpful, where products rank in voice search by keyword, or that your brand has an associated Alexa Skill or Google Action marketing agencies can help you every step of the way.

There is no need to embark on the strange and intimidating world of voice search all alone. Because of voice assistants’ exploding popularity in recent times, there is a new gold rush to build tools and market in this space, very similar to the rush to build apps when the iPhone first came out and the App Store launched. If you missed the first App Store gold rush in 2007, learn from your mistakes of inaction and be sure to make the most of this second gold rush.

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