What are the Pros and Cons of Video Games?

By Frank Coutinho | Jun 03, 2018
Photo by: Pexels What Do You Need To Know About Video Games?

In today’s technologically dependent day and age, there are many youth and young adults playing video games regularly on a daily basis. This is a phenomenon that isn’t present only in America, but across the globe, in Asia, Europe, and South America this trend is also very strong. According to a team from the University of Essex in the UK, people around the world spend a massive three billion hours per week playing video games. In the US alone, the video game industry adds about $11.7 billion annually to the GDP. Over the past few decades, the gaming industry has undergone massive changes. From better graphics, sound effects, and higher quality television and computer screens; the video gaming industry have come a long way since its humble beginnings. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages generally associated with playing video games.





With online video games, users can assess their playing skills in comparison with other users, including friends and family. This fosters healthy competition with others to improve their user scores and statistics.


Trial Versions

Many video games offer trial versions. This trial allows the user to test the game out and have a feel for it before and decide whether they enjoy the game or not and whether they want to purchase the game or not. This trial version offered in games allow users to become educated consumers, and make a better informed purchasing decision and minimizes their regret in purchasing something they do not need or want.



Another exciting aspect of online games is that they can encourage communication and dialogue. The players can interact, compete, and team up with their friends and family while they are playing. This is one of the features users enjoy the most about their video games. The flip side of this interaction is that it enhances the skills of team building. This will develop your memory and lateral thinking while adding strategic elements to the game.


Increased Analytics and Data of Information

SEO used to be offered as a service for websites. Now SEO services and search engine optimization audits are being offered to mobile apps, and video games developers to help their games show up higher in app stores. This allows video game companies to better target their core customers and allows users to better access video games they are interested in playing and purchasing.




System updates

With certain games or devices, a user may be faced with a system update which can delay the game experience. The user must sit and wait for the process to be completed and perhaps even restart the PC, phone or tablet, console before continuing with their game.


Server issues or glitches

Viruses or bugs in games are also called glitches. This causes the game to run irregularly or slow down suddenly. These glitches and bugs are common in all types of games but are more common in online games. Server issues can also make it more frustrating for the gamers.


Piracy and hacking

Piracy and copywriting of games is another con associated with the video game industry. In some cases, users may try to download games for free illegally online, and in the process, they can also download viruses, and spyware onto their computers and devices. They will then need to hire a laptop repair or computer repair professional.


In conclusion, the benefits of video games and online games exceed the disadvantages of these games – as long as they are played in moderation. However, if you are playing video games or online game then you should know the pros and cons that can be associated with these games.

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