What do you call it when…

By Paul Ackerman | Jan 23, 2020

An acquaintance recently emailed me, in a sense of bewilderment after following the national news for the past few weeks, and his questions prompted me to write these down. With his permission I present some of them, edited for clarity and PG-13 audiences.

He hopes that when Trump is reelected to a second term that the liars in the media will be fully exposed, and how things work (i.e., the coordination between the media and the Democratic Party) will be revealed to the American public.

I raise the point that the problem there is a faction of the Democratic Party has wrested control of much of the media and academia over a long period, and has no willingness to allow exposure of their dishonesty.

He posits, “How is it that they are so coordinated with each other that they often utter the same exact talking point phrase du jour?”

They do this because they are lazy, and invested in propagating the lies that keep them in power. Another, more worldly friend suggested to me that for those who espouse such virtue-signaling tripe as “collective salvation” — the secular humanist placebo to supplant Christian teachings — for them to admit that they know what they say is bunk would collapse their entire worldview, as happened finally in the old Soviet Union.

“How protected do they think they (the media liars) are that they seemingly feel nothing is wrong with such brazen coordination in pushing biased narratives? Who is protecting and directing them?” It is likely that the answer to the second answers the first, and it probably is some of both – it is the party and the media CEOs. Examine the record of CNN and MSNBC as quick samples.

“How can they always line up on the same wrong side of stories?” And yes, they double-down when called out for their inaccuracy or bias. Even when fighting among themselves — to wit, CNN’s reporter asks Sen. Bernie Sanders if he told Sen. Elizabeth Warren (some years ago, in a private conversation) that a “woman cannot win the presidency.” He answers, “No, I never said that.” The CNN reporter then turns to Sen. Warren and, in a perfect example of bias and dishonesty, asks her, “So, Sen. Warren, when Sen. Sanders told you a woman could not win the presidency, how did you respond?” The CNN “journalist” was perfectly comfortable using the loaded question format of “So when did you stop beating your wife?” on old Bernie Sanders, by ignoring his answer and changing it to pose the opposite as fact to Sen. Warren. Brazen doesn’t even come close to describing this.

It must be understood that there are very wealthy people and organizations, both here and abroad, who revel in creating this sort of societal chaos – some for supposedly idealistic rationales, though the overarching attitude is “we know better, you will agree to let us run everything or we’ll shame you, publicly defame you, antagonize your businesses or organizations …”, all with the treacle glaze of some save-the-country/save–the-planet as justification.

No, it isn’t a conspiracy theory; just look at the things we have endured in this country in the past few years, all because one faction has come to believe they are somehow “morally superior” or socially justified in refusing to accept that they lost an election, and continue to lose the support of many Americans. They openly use the term “by any means necessary” to reverse the results of 2016.

What do you call it when, in a representative republic, members of one political faction determines that they will refuse to acknowledge they have lost an election, and act to undermine the duly elected candidate and party? Is it a Civil Society or not?

What do you call it when the same faction begins to push for the destruction of the entire voting system in order to “win” all elections in the future? For reference, see the Democrats’ push to eliminate the Electoral College, force ranked-choice voting into the states, eliminate voter ID laws that prevent voter fraud, allow illegal aliens to vote, and yes, even have 16-year-olds vote.

What do you call it when a Bernie Sanders’ field worker advocates openly for “gulags to re-educate Trump voters”? This does not sound like acceptance of a representative republic to me; it reflects a desire for totalitarian control and abusive punishment.

Listening to the ignorance of this fellow in the recently revealed video is truly stunning – his stupidity is remarkable, describing how gulags under Stalin “really weren’t that bad…they got paid a living wage and had conjugal visits....” He probably thinks Solzhenitsyn is vodka. A millennial, of course, and frankly I have no tolerance for ignorance of any age group, but in particular these self-righteous snowflakes.

What do you call it when another Bernie Sanders campaign worker attempts to assassinate Republican senators and congressmen at a baseball game? Is this “tolerance and diversity,” or an attempt to start a civil war?

What do you call it when the same party organizes and funds a campaign of smears and framing of opposition campaign officials in order to manipulate the willingly corrupt FBI and Justice Department into illegally eavesdropping on their, and others, communications? Is this a minor mistake by underlings?

What do you call it when the media covers for the same party’s involvement in numerous fraudulent stories about the president for three-plus years?

When there is a blackout, looters loot. In 2019 we’ve had a media-controlled blackout on the truth, and the country is being looted — our Treasury, our sovereignty, our identity, our history — all under the threat of being forever erased by propagandists and their protective force field of political correctness.

Freedom of the press is crucial to America’s existence, but it should not be interpreted as freedom from scrutiny. When the scrutinizers become mere stenographers (i.e., the media and the Democratic Party), then it is high time to upend this system and examine who is controlling the narratives.

Full disclosure: I was a Democrat voter for 30 years.

Another View is a Maine Press Association award-winning column written by Midcoast conservative citizens/writers Jan Dolcater, Ken Frederic, Paul Ackerman, Doc Wallace and Dale Landrith Sr.


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Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Jan 30, 2020 08:34

Ackerman: To answer your question, "What do you call it when...": Its called GOP conspiracy theories against a free press.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jan 25, 2020 06:51

"It is another of President Trump’s dubious achievements to turn the ultimate constitutional check on presidential abuses of power into an utter farce. Watching Republican senators complain that there is “nothing new” in the case made by House impeachment managers, while they are actively opposing the introduction of new evidence and new testimony, is confirmation of barefaced bad faith. In this matter, elected Republicans are mainly serving, not the president, and certainly not the republic, but themselves. Having decided that no amount of evidence would be sufficient for conviction, they realize that the presentation of a full and compelling case would convict them of servility and institutional surrender. So a quick and dirty Senate trial is the best way to limit the exposure of their malpractice.


This crime against democracy is compounded by the eagerness of Republicans to use impeachment as a fundraising opportunity and method to energize base voters. The theory seems to be: If you are going to betray the constitutional order, you might as well profit from it."

-Michael Gerson is a nationally syndicated columnist, a former top aide to President George W. Bush as assistant to the president for policy and strategic planning.

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Jan 25, 2020 04:13

What I call it, Paul, is all part of an overarching Dutch plot to cut our doors in half, make us wear wooden shoes, and drain the continental shelves to plant tulips.


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jan 24, 2020 10:19

"In a new op-ed, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano debunked President Donald Trump’s “hoax” defense in his Senate impeachment trial and argued that there was “ample” evidence to remove the president from office.


“It is deadly serious business based on well-established constitutional norms,” the former New Jersey Superior Court judge wrote of the trial in a column published on the conservative news network’s website Thursday.


Napolitano broke down the events that led to Trump being put on trial in the GOP-controlled Senate over his Ukraine misconduct. Trump has denied wrongdoing and called his impeachment “a hoax.”


It “leaves us with valid, lawful, constitutional arguments for Trump’s impeachment that he ought to take seriously,” wrote Napolitano, who has not shied away from criticizing Trump and his administration in recent months.


“What is required for removal of the president?” Napolitano asked. “A demonstration of presidential commission of high crimes and misdemeanors, of which in Trump’s case the evidence is ample and uncontradicted.”


Posted by: Holly Ann Tracy | Jan 23, 2020 19:18

Ron, clearly it does not help to try to shine a light.  Too far round the bend, I would say!   Yes the Democratic party is coordinating with the media: to get the truth out!  We know that trying to shake delusional thinking does not work.  But your attempts are always nice to see.


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jan 23, 2020 15:42

Ever notice how when the truth becomes so blatant that conservatives can no longer deny it they simply try and turn it on it's head and accuse the left of all the right's sins.  It's called psychological projection and trump is constantly engaging in it's upside down logic.  I suppose it's no wonder that his delusional supporters like Mr. Ackerman would also resort to calling all trump's sins a conspiracy of the Dems.  There's simply too many lies, too much rampant fantasy, too much purposeful diversion of the truth in this article to address on the spur of the moment.  Let's just consider that the man who paid $25 million for defrauding students of his phony university, who paid a $2 million dollar fine for stealing from a "charity" he claimed was for veterans, who's children were also found guilty and must undergo schooling by the state of New York in HOW NOT TO STEAL from charities, who has 3500 lawsuits against him for crooked business practices, who has failed at every business he has started, who has cheated and swindled investors, contractors, and employees, who has cheated on all three wives with hookers and porn stars, who has lied more than 16,000 time since taking office, who has more than twenty accusations of sexual abuse -some already in the courts- and has insulted our every ally while fawning on (and probably conspiring with) our worst enemy is now considered by his party as innocent and pure as the driven snow.


How could this picture be more screwed up?  How could our country be in more danger than it is now from our own president?

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