What does it mean to have a 30-year shingle? Understand your warranty.

By Horch Roofing | Feb 15, 2012

"I just had a new roof put on my house. Now I'm all set for the next 30 years, right?" Think again.

Even though a shingle may be deemed a "30-year" shingle, that doesn't mean it is warrantied - or will last for - 30 years. Thirty years is the life expectancy of a shingle placed in ideal conditions: minimal sun, a certain amount of shade each day, minor temperature change, the right pitch of the roof, no moss, low wind speed, not too much snow and ice, and the list goes on. These certainly are not the weather conditions that we have here in Maine!

In our environment, a typical 30-year shingle can be expected to last approximately 15-20 years. That is why it is so important for homeowners to understand the product being used on their house and the warranty that comes with it.

Shingles are not apples to apples and neither are the warranties. For instance, Horch Roofing, uses CertainTeed shingles. CertainTeed offers a 20-year non-prorated warranty on their shingles which offers substantial benefit to the homeowner. What this means is that in the event of a manufacturer defect, CertainTeed’s warranty covers the cost to replace the new shingles, the removal of the old ones, as well as the re-installation fees. Many other companies merely warranty the shingle itself (typically a 5-year warranty) leaving the homeowner to pay the replacement costs.

Only factory certified roofing companies can offer a long-term warranty on your shingles. So when your home is ready for a new roof, ask if the company has the factory certified designation (only 3% of companies have this. To be factory certified, a company must be financially strong, properly insured and professionally managed.

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