What is the Basic Skills Skating Program?

The Basic Skills program consists of 8 levels (The Basic eight) which
include elements that are the fundamentals for the sport of Hockey,
Speed Skating, Figure Skating and Recreational Skating. Each level of
the Basic Skills program contains different skill elements that must be
mastered before advancing to the next level. Upon completion of this
program, skaters will have gained the ability to skate forward and
backward efficiently, stop and turn, as well as perform crossovers and
other footwork with a fair amount of speed and agility. Basic Skills
graduates are safe, confident skaters, who are ready to further pursue
their interest in Hockey or Figure Skating.  Basic Skills lessons are starting for the 2012-2013 season at the Midcoast Recreation Center in Rockport on October 20th.  For details on Basic Skills and other programs visit www.maineskaters.com.
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