What Technology Trends Can You Add To Your Business Startup?

By Frank Coutinho | Jun 09, 2018
Photo by: Pexels How Can You Grow Your Tech Startup?

Every technology startup is focused on growing their business, and becoming a larger, more successful company. In the past, it may have been harder differentiating your product or service from 20 other competitors, however today with the rapid technological advances available, there are many ways to differentiate your tech startup from your competition.


Social Media

While social media is not a new technology, those that have a strong social media endgame will win big with effective social media usage. Social media is proving to be the technology platform that links most consumers together and gives business startups the recognition they need early on. Give established companies have only recently really committed to social media campaigns and advertising, which gives smaller startups a chance to compete with larger brands on social media in a few different ways.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a completely new technology, but in 2018 it has been making significant progress. By allowing companies to do more with less, AI will turn out to be a fundamental change in the way a company does business today and tomorrow. Startups that integrate AI into the fold will experience a shift in how they are able to perform routine tasks, freeing them up to focus on their customers. Your business startup will do well by having AI as a part of your repertoire and see more funding interest come your way in 2018.



While 2017 was a year that many security experts will remember for its security breaches, 2018 will provide an opposite turn of events as business startups integrate or offer cybersecurity services to better protect their customer data. This cybersecurity will change how companies in all sectors operate and provide the level of security that is needed to protect that confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. Business startups that use cyber-security to protect their company or create products and services for others that help them secure their information will do well in the following year.


Virtual Reality

Also, on the fringe in 2018 is VR. This technology gives you the ability to engage with your customers in a new and exciting way. Through a more desirable customer experience, VR can help your business to increase its customer numbers as well as its revenue as VR improves workflow and access to customers all over your niche.


Integrating any of these technologies in your business startup shows a strong sense of understanding and initiative to increase your customer base and profits this year and the coming year. Angel investors want to be able to get their hands wet with these new technologies so that they can be where the growth is with these trends. Think about how these technologies can help your business startup succeed in 2018 and secure the funding you need to get off the ground. You'll be surprised at how much attention you receive by taking the first step with any of these technology trends and reap the rewards of investment into your company by an investor.


Even if you are looking for additional funding for your company, if your company successfully incorporates any of these technologies, you will see a dramatic growth in your company as you are offering more value to your customers in a faster, effective, and less-costly manner.

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