What's Coming Up in 2013.

By Holly Noonan | Nov 30, 2012
Camden, ME —

I've got a few things cooking (no pun intended!) and a couple more in the works and I would just love to tell you about them!

First up is the Cooking Class Series. I've had so many requests for some hands-on cooking classes-- but I knew I couldn't do it by myself. A couple months ago I asked through this e-newsletter if anyone would be interested in collaborating on this project and five other whole-foods educators appeared. Yay! So grateful and excited! This couldn't happen without them.

Do check this series out. The first class is coming up on Monday January 7th-- and it's Whole Foods Cooking on a Budget. What an investment this class will be! Learn how to fit the most possible nutrients in your food per calorie and per dollar! Save money and keep your family healthy this winter.

The classes will run twice each month for six months. One on Mondays, one on Wednesdays. There are only 10 spots each class, so book early, as we expect them to fill up quickly. You get a discount if you book 6.

Check out this press release-- (we will have info available at High Mountain Hall's Nov 30th contra dance as well as the Dec 14th art and craft show.)

Next is an exciting program I have been working on with Wanderwoman(TM) Erja Lipponen. This program is a residential Women's Vitality Retreat scheduled for May 2013.

This is exciting because it's a first in what I hope will be a series of wellness programs that attract "healing tourists" to our town. We certainly have the holistic healers here to support people in radical, transformative healing experiences. So let's make it happen! (Have an idea for your own retreat here? Talk to me.)

We have reserved a whole inn, scheduled private yoga classes and cooking classes and will encourage participants to take classes at High Mountain Hall and join us for hiking, biking and kayaking! Sound fun? Share this program with women you love!

Lastly, I'd like to tell you about a program that is just in the "seed phase." I'd love your input!

Now that businesses are implementing employee health insurance programs that offer lower premiums for non-smokers and those with lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, there might be a redoubled motivation for businesses to support their employees in their health goals.

What better way than to hire a Health Coach like me? (and my cronies!)

I'd like to start a real dialogue with employees and business owners about what a results-based program would look like for their businesses.

For anyone who can put me in touch with an HR person who is working on their wellness program-- and not just in Maine-- please accept my gift to you of an initial consultation. ($77 value.) You can use it or give it as a gift. (I will send you a gift certificate.) All I'm looking for is a clarifying conversation, as a way to design the best employee wellness program possible.

Thank you!

Holly <3

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