Who is the joke on anyway?

By patrick quinn | Nov 20, 2017

A  man says to his wife: "My butt fell asleep", wife responds: "I know, I can hear it snoring!"

Man says: "I'm not hard of hearing, I've just heard enough".

A no nonsense women says: "I'd like to help you out.....which way did you come in!"

I have plenty of get up and go,.....I get up and go at 1o'clock, I get up and go at 3, I get up and go, go, go! all night long.

A cop stops a man and his wife for driving too slowly, the man says to the cop: "Yes, I am behind the wheel.......... but she's doing the driving".

Please, tell me this, Why do Christians always quote the Commandments? They are Old Testament Jewish!  Why not quote the Christian Beatitudes from the New Testament, Matthew 5, like "blessed are the peacemakers" in the pentagon; and "Blessed are the merciful" in the courtroom. People say: "peace on earth"; now that is a joke!

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