Who, what, when, and where?

By Art Jura | Jul 08, 2012
Photo by: Art Jura You are looking south in this photo, and that's a cement truck obscuring the view of the building next door.

SOUTH THOMASTON — This particular edition of my "blog" is intended to test your memory, or whatever powers of observation you might still retain! I personally like "blogs" because they include a place at the end where readers can post their comments, and I also get a final count on how many actually read the story.

This exact photo has never been published, but I took it sometime within the past ten years. I cannot remember exactly when, but my computer can. Having studied journalism at some remote stage in my life, I do distinctly recall the importance of the "Four W's" listed in this post title. Or was it five, including "why"?

Anyway, if you are a native of mid-coast Maine, or even a recent transplant from "away", you should be able to recognize the location of this construction. You can't actually see the faces of the four workmen, but you should know the neighborhood, the highway, and the structure being built, plus when and why?

Go ahead and give it a try! I will post the answers next week.

Art Jura

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Posted by: WALTER ANDERSON | Jul 08, 2012 23:05

I thought the same as Ragna....It was the pouring of the foundation for the Finnish Congregational Church on Route 131 in South Thomaston during the summer of 2007.

Posted by: Ragna Weaver | Jul 08, 2012 19:19

Foundation for the Finn Church.

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