Why Purchase From a Hearth Dealer?

There are many sources to gather information when first shopping for a new woodstove. The manufacturer’s literature gives performance specifications, the internet offers comparisons, friends and neighbours all have an opinion but an experienced dealer is your most valuable resource. He will make every effort to fit you to the right stove because he doesn’t want you complaining that the stove is too big, too small, or otherwise unsuitable. An experienced dealer wants you to be safe and satisfied and to tell your friends so they will buy from him to.

 A good dealer will actually heat with wood themselves. Dealers who do not use their own products at home and in their showrooms will not have much practical operating experience to offer you. If you have operational questions, a good dealer will have your answers. If you need to troubleshoot chimney or draft issues, the experienced dealer will have dealt with these problems before.

What product you buy is as important as where you buy it. Most premiere “A” wood stoves lines are extended only to the “A” dealerships who agree to displaying and servicing terms and who attend dealer training sessions.  The large home improvement stores sell less expensive products, mostly only during the heart of the heating season, and while they can offer rock bottom pricing service after the sale is usually only via a 1-800 call center number.

To avoid the frustration of owning a new product with no support, buy local and buy from a knowledgeable established dealer who is fortunate enough to be selling the brands that have stood the test of time.

A paraphrase of an old quotation, "The sweetness of low price is soon forgotten after we have experienced the bitterness of poor service!" 

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