Why Should Your Company Start Using Custom ID Badges?

By Frank Coutinho | Aug 12, 2018
Photo by: Pixabay

In today’s day and age, security and customer service is critical for any business to survive. One method companies can use to fulfill both of these goals is with custom ID badges for their employees. In this article, we will discuss some of the significant benefits that are attributed with using ID badges in the workplace, of course, we must take into consideration that every industry and workplace is different and have different needs.


ID Badges are Great For Security

Maintaining security in today’s modern workplace environment can be difficult because a wide variety of people are continually coming and going from this environment making it almost impossible to tell who truly belongs. This excessive traffic in, out and around a workplace means that it can be challenging to keep criminals, trespassers, spies, loiterers, vandals, and intruders outside. Fortunately, name badges are a simple, cheap and highly-effective strategy to ensure workplace security. Merely requiring everybody onsite to wear a name badge can help the organization’s employees and customers identify who truly belongs and who doesn't. Expecting all people on site to wear a name badge can help employees identify coworkers, and to identify a person who does not belong immediately. In addition to identification purposes, security can be greatly improved by using doors with electronic locks that can read the swipe stripes in ID badges. This will ensure that only employees and authorized visitors can get into the building. Today some companies offer custom ID badges with a new and improved html5 design that makes it very easy to design and order custom id cards and badges with features like HID ISOProx II RFID cards and holographic overlays. Therefore, ID badges are a simple, cheap and highly effective security measure.


Name Badges Are Great For Introducing People

Although they are often unpopular in informal social settings, employee name badges are one of the best ways for people to get to know one another and "break the ice." When badges are visibly used employees and employers are spared from the embarrassment of forgetting each other’s names. The badge facilitates communication between workers since they do not need to take the trouble of asking each other for their names. Companies that want to promote open employee communication will need to adopt name badges. Such badges are a simple and effective means of encouraging interaction, dialogue, openness, and camaraderie among coworkers.


ID Badges Facilitate & Encourage Communication

Social and business introductions can be awkward for anyone in any situation. Many people are shy and timid to go up and introduce themselves to other people because they do not know their names, while other people are scared of talking to casual acquaintances out of the fear that they might not know who they are or know their name. Even coworkers in the same office are often afraid to talk to each other out of fear of getting somebody's name wrong.


In conclusion, there are a wide variety of advantages for companies in using ID badges in the workplace. For security reasons, to better communication, custom ID badges are an excellent investment for any company.


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