Why Soapstone Wood Stoves?

Photo by: Heathstone Stoves The Heritage Stove is a Whole House Heater!

Extraordinarily beautiful and uniquely possesing remarkable thermal stability, soapstone is an ideal stove component. HearthStone harnesses this magic to create the Select Collection. Storing more heat for its weight than any other naturally occurring material, thick soapstone panels absorb the high heat of the fire to emanate natural, even warmth long after the fire dissipates. Soapstone is what gives HearthStone Select stoves superior HeatLife™ - and what has made the HearthStone brand the most popular soapstone stove in the market. Crafted with hand-selected soapstone, these stoves are brilliant in their functionality as well as in their design, and are a testament to HearthStone's proud heritage of fine stove making.

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