Winter Landscaping to Create Focal Points for Winter Contrast

By The Harley Company | Jan 04, 2013

Garden architecture, from big to small, provides needed contrast against faded winter backdrops. Even a solitary pot, or a clump of long grass, stand out with winter interest. Anything can become an architectural element—from sculpture and statuary to boulders and birdfeeders. String some tiny outdoor lights almost anywhere for effect....
An arrangement of outdoor furniture or a bench under a tree creates a congenial scene. Paint an old chair in a bold or subtle color. Drape a few antique garden tools on top of a small table.
So-called junk, like vintage farm implements, becomes art with character. Fill a wheelbarrow or a crate with logs, greenery or favorite trinkets.
Paint a gate or part of a fence. Take advantage of architectural pieces you come across. A section of fencing or a decorative panel leaning in the garden or against the house adds new dimension. So does a castoff window frame or a detached door with some original décor attached to it.
Consider the many possibilities of garden art—from metal sculptures to birdhouses and plant stakes to rustic signs.


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