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Wiscasset continues hot racing on track in July

In month, track celebrates 48th birthday
By Ken Minott | Aug 13, 2017

Wiscasset — Nick Jenkins has had more than his share of heartbreak when it comes to big races. He's had victory snatched from his grasp in the closing laps in both the Coastal 200 and the Long John 100. This time good fortune smiled on him for a change as he picked up the biggest win of his career in a controversial finish to the 2017 Boss Hog 150 at Wiscasset Speedway.

Sunday's Pro Stock main event highlighted a busy doubleheader weekend at Wiscasset on July 29-30. Saturday night's program celebrated the race track's 48th birthday along with group 1 support divisions.

Winners Saturday included Sean Johnson and Josh Bailey in the Super Streets. Bailey taking over the points lead with his two podium finishes on the night. Logan Melcher and Travis Poulliot were victors in the Thunder 4 Minis. Melcher's five race win streak was snapped by Poulliot in the 40-lap nightcap race. Three-time defending champion, Kamren Knowles picked up his third straight win in the New England 4-cylinder Pro Stocks.

Sunday support winners were Tiger Colby in the Strictly Streets, and Cory Hall and Austin Teras in the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. Colby made history by becoming Wiscasset's first ever fourth generation winner.

Eighteen out of the 20 registered Pro Stocks answered the bell for the Boss Hogg 150, the first time in its 25 year history the race being run as a 150-lap affair. 2014 BH100 winner Daren Ripley started from the pole position with Jacob Dore to his outside. Ripley set the early pace until Garrett Hall drove around him into the lead on lap 18.

Just two laps later the race took its first major turn as Ripley spun into turn three collecting John Peters resulting in Peters taking a heavy hit against the outside retaining wall and knocking them both from the race. From there Hall dominated the day, leading 119 of the 150 laps. Several drivers including Mike Hopkins, Scott Chubbuck, Jeff Burgess, Wyatt Alexander, Cody Tribbett and Nick Jenkins had their shot at the lead through a series of mid and late race pit stops. It was clear that it was still Hall's race.

Hall took a planed 2-tire pit stop on lap 95 and made the charge back toward the front, while Chubbuck and Burgess battled for the lead. However, Hall made contact with Hopkins on lap 103 in turn one and a cut tire would end up turning the race completely upside down, just nobody knew it yet. Hall, who had already made his pit stop and used his two registered spare tires, took a gamble to replace his flat left rear tire with an unregistered practice tire in order to finish the race.

Back on the track, he quickly picked his way through traffic and retook the lead from Scott Chubbuck on lap 111. Jenkins came to life late in the race and moved into second with 30 laps to go and kept Hall in sight all the way to the checkers.

Following Hall's celebration in victory lane, his gamble soon came back to bite him as he was disqualified in post race tech for use of an unregistered tire. The win and the $5,000 payday would go to Jenkins, making it the biggest win of his career. Post-race, Jenkins said his crew was on the radio in the closing laps telling him to be patient and that he would be the winner if he stayed right where he was; knowing that Hall had put on an unapproved tire.

Cody Tribbett, a rookie in just his fifth ever Pro Stock race took home the second place trophy. He was involved in a mid-race caution but took advantage of a fast pit stop and timely cautions to turn in a career highlight finish.

Wyatt Alexander made a last lap pass over James Osmond that proved more valuable than expected, taking home the 3rd place trophy. Osmond's fourth place run was still impressive, given it was his first race since an opening day crash in late April. Jeff Burgess filled out the top five.

The individual results for July 30 included:

2017 Boss Hog 150 Pro Stock — 1, Nick Jenkins, Brownville; 2, Cody Tribbett, Richmond; 3, Wyatt Alexander, Ellsworth; 4, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 5, Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 6, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 7, Joe Decker, Chesterville; 8, Mike Hopkins, Bangor; 9, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 10, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 11, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 12, Nate Tribbett, Richmond; 13, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 14, Jacob Dore, Sanford; 15, Daren Ripley, Thomaston; 16, John Peters, Westbrook; and 17, Wes Turner, Freedom.

Strictly Streets (30 laps) — 1, Tiger Colby, Newcastle; 2, Zachary Emerson, Sabattus; 3, Jay Avery, Berwick; 4, Jonathon Emerson, Sabattus; 5, Lewis Anderson, Hollis; 6, Travis Lovejoy, Waterboro; 7, Chaz Briggs, Westbrook; 8, Mike Ramsey, Dayton; 9, Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 10, Brad Bellows, China; 11, Dan Brown, Peru; 12, Brian Caswell, Buxton; and 13, James Grover Jr., Newcastle

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps, First race) — 1, Cory Hall, Jolicoure; 2, Chris Burgess, Buckfield; 3, Kevin Girard, Jr., Old Orchard Beach; 4, Austin Teras, Windham; 5, Parker Varney, Windham; 6, Bobby Weymouth, Topsham; 7, Zachary Godbout, Mount Vernon; 8, Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 9, Luke Lebrun, Newton; 10, Philip Brackett, South Portland; 11, Ed Getty, Gray; 12, Colby Benjamin, Belmont; 13, Terry Kirk, Durham; 14, Russ Godbout, Mount Vernon; 15, Casey Call, Pembroke ; 16, Colby Meserve, Buxton; and 17, Thomas Everson, Gilmanton.

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps, Second race) — 1, Austin Teras, Windham; 2, Parker Varney, Windham; 3, Thomas Everson, Gilmanton; 4, Bobby Weymouth, Topsham; 5, Zachary Godbout, Mount Vernon; 6, Ed Getty, Gray; 7, Philip Brackett, South Portland; 8, Colby Benjamin, Belmont; 9, Luke Lebrun, Newton; 10, Terry Kirk, Durham; 11, Chris Burgess, Buckfield; 12, Kevin Girard, Jr., Old Orchard Beach; 13, Cory Hall, Jolicoure; 14, Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; and 15, Russ Godbout, Mount Vernon.

The individual results for July 29 included:

Super Streets (25 laps, makeup race) — 1, Sean Johnson, Oakland; 2, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 3, Barry Poulin, Benton; 4, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 5, Zac Poland, Wiscasset; 6, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 7, Michael Harrison, Durham; 8, Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; and 9, Jason Curtis, Hollis.

Thunder 4 Minis (25 laps, makeup race) — 1, Logan Melcher, Jay; 2, Brian Sweatt, Albion; 3,Travis Poulliot, South China; 4, Spencer Sweatt, Albion; 5, Michael Golding, Pownal; 6, Curtis Anderson, Richmond; 7, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 8, Devan Robinson, Warren; 9, Nick Morton, Newcastle; 10, David Greenleaf, Brunswick; 11, Madison Morse, Buxton; 12, Pete Mccollett, Richmond; 13, Noah Haggett, Wiscasset; 14, Brian Burr, Brunswick; and 15, Butch Keene, Turner.

New England 4-cylinder Pro Stock (25 laps) — 1, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 2, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 3, Larry Melcher, Jay; 4, Craig Dunn, Strong; 5, Kate Re, Lovell; 6, John Shorey, Alna; 7, Jet Decker, Chesterville; 8, Connor Wenners, Edgecomb; 9, Spencer Vaughan, Canton; 10, Taylor Lane, Phillips; 11, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon; 12, Max Rowe, Turner; 13, Mike Kibbin, South China; and 14, Hayden Norris, Gardner.

Super Streets (25 laps) — 1, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 2, Sean Johnson, Oakland; 3, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 4, Zac Poland, Wiscasset; 5, Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 6, Barry Poulin, Benton; 7, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 8, Bouncer Knight, Jay; 9, Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset; 10, Michael Harrison, Durham; and 11, Neil Evans Jr., Brunswick.

Thunder 4 Minis (40 laps) — 1, Travis Poulliot, South China; 2, Logan Melcher, Jay; 3, Brian Sweatt, Albion; 4, Spencer Sweatt, Albion; 5, Donald Mooney, New Gloucester; 6, Jeff Minchin Jr., Pittston; 7, Noah Haggett, Wiscasset; 8, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 9, Curtis Anderson, Richmond; 10, Nick Morton, Newcastle; 11, Ches Williams, Hope; 12, Brian Dolloff, Jay; 13, Derek McKeen, Windham; 14, David Greenleaf, Brunswick; 15, Michael Golding, Pownal; 16, Devan Robinson, Warren; 17, Spencer Morse, Buxton; 18, Matt Myshrall, Dresden; and 19, Trystan Shea, Richmond.

July 22 racing

First-time winners are always a welcome sight at any race track. But Saturday, July 22 at Wiscasset Speedway was a night for some drivers to add another win to their 2017 season resume and solidify their place in the championship chase.

Nick Hinkley did just that with a convincing win over defending champ Chris Thorne in the 45-lap spotlight feature for the Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Model Sportsman. The victory highlighted a full card of Group 2 action at Wiscasset Speedway, plus double features for the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. Other winners included Nick Reno in the Modifieds, Jimmy Childs in the Outlaw Minis, and Glenn Reynolds in the Strictly Streets. Noah Korner and Austin Teras each tallied a victory in the Legends.

The program started with a 25-lap makeup feature for the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. Eighteen drivers answered the call with their sights set on the checkered flag. Noah Korner made his ride up from Connecticut well worth it by taking an early lead and then held off a late race charge from Austin Teras for his first Wiscasset victory. Teras started 11th and settled for second. Thomas Everson turned in his best Wiscasset run by taking third.

In the regularly scheduled 25-lap tilt later in the evening, Teras and Korner showed their strength when they charged up from the back of the field to reserve a return visit to victory lane. This time Teras turned the tables on Korner and took top honors with the win. Korner placed second and Chris Burgess finished third.

The Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Model Sportsman had the spotlight feature on the evening with a 45-lap contest. As usual, the Late Models rolled out a large field of highly competitive drivers. Steve Minott and Alex Waltz led the field of 18 cars to the green flag.

Steven Chicoine moved up and dealt an early challenge to Minott, but faded giving Cody Verrill a shot at the leader. The division's top contenders were made their regular charge up from deep in the order. Four-time champ Chris Thorne arrived first on the scene, moving up from 13th to crack the top three by lap 15.

Just three laps later he drove around Minott and took the lead. Meanwhile point leader and three-time winner Nick Hinkley methodically picked his way from 16th and arrived in the top three as Thorne took the lead on lap 18.

For the next 12 laps, Hinkley stalked the leader and finally drove around him and into the lead. From there he pulled away and clinched his fourth win of the season. It was also his division-high fifth podium finish in seven races. Thorne settled for the second place trophy. The third place trophy originally went to Verrill in what would have been his first, however, his car failed post race inspection. Josh St. Clair officially took third.

In support action, Jimmy Childs made it back to back wins for the Kennebec Equipment Rental Outlaw Minis. Coming off his victory in the 75-lap Outlaw Mini Madness race, Childs led the 25-lap regular feature from wire to wire, besting the field by over six seconds.

He was chased across the line by Jake Hendsbee and Tim Collins, making the same top three as the Mini Madness race.

Nick Reno finally shook off a season long hard luck streak and put together his best race of the year in the 30-lap feature for the Midcoast Region Napa Modifieds. He held off two-time defending champ Mark Lucas to secure his first win of 2017. Lucas finished second. Allen Moeller turned in his class high sixth podium finish in seven races to solidify his firm hold atop the Modified point standings.

In the 25-lap tilt for the Norms Used Cars Strictly Streets, Glenn Reynolds added another race to his win column. Reynolds, who also won on opening day, took advantage of four mid-race cautions on his way to the win. Behind him, a great battle between veterans Cole Watson and Zack Emerson over the final ten laps saw Watson claim second and Emerson third.

The individual results for July 22 included:

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps Makeup Race) — 1, Noah Korner, Bloomfield, Conn.; 2, Austin Teras, Windham; 3, Thomas Everson, Gilmanton, N.H.; 4, Kevin Girard, Jr., Old Orchard Beach; 5, Chris Burgess, Buckfield; 6, Bobby Weymouth, Topsham; 7, Derek Debbis, Oakdale, Conn.; 8, Zachary Godbout, Mount Vernon; 9, Philip Brackett, South Portland; 10, Ed Getty, Gray; 11, Colby Benjamin, Belmont; 12, Terry Kirk, Durham; 13, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 14, Devin Ledoux, Parsonsfield; 15, Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 16, Parker Varney, Windham; and 17, Colby Meserve, Buxton.

Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Model Sportsman (45 laps) — 1, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 2, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 3, Josh St.Clair, Liberty; 4, Will Collins, Waldoboro; 5, Steve Minott, Windham; 6, Brandon Bailey, Woolwich; 7, Tyler Robbins, Montville; 8, Alex Waltz, Walpole; 9, Shane Clark, Winterport; 10, Steve Barker, Turner; 11, Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 12, Tyler Bailey, Wiscasset; 13, Steven Chicoine, Portland; 14, Luke Romanoski, Freeman; 15, Ben Erskine, Fairfield; 16, Shane Kaherl, Jay; and 17, Richard Jordan, Kingfield.

Kennebec Equipment Rental Outlaw Minis (25 laps) — 1, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 2, Jake Hendsbee, Whitefield; 3, Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 4, Rob Greenleaf, Bath; 5, Scott Trask, Richmond; 6, Leo Hatch, Augusta; 7, Megan Frost, Montville; 8, Brent Roy, Vassalboro; 9, Shane Smith, Augusta; 10, Mike Delano, Brunswick; 11, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; and 12, Seth Drown, Lyman.

Midcoast Region NAPA Modifieds (30 laps) — 1, Nick Reno, West Bath; 2, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 3, Allan Moeller, Dresden; 4, Tom Young, Freeport; 5, Ron Bryant, Livermore; and 6, Charlie Small, Buxton.

Norms Used Cars Strictly Streets (25 laps) — 1, Glenn Reynolds, Turner; 2, Cole Watson, Naples; 3, Zachary Emerson, Sabattus; 4, Kimberly Knight, Chesterville; 5, Mike Ramsey, Dayton; 6, Heath Hotham, China; 7, Tiger Colby, Newcastle; 8, James Grover Jr., Newcastle; 9, Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 10, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 11, Jonathon Emerson, Sabattus; 12, Bryan Robbins, Montville; and 13, Brian Caswell, Buxton.

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps) — 1, Austin Teras, Windham; 2, Noah Korner, Bloomfield, Conn.; 3, Chris Burgess, Buckfield; 4, Thomas Everson, Gilmanton, N.H.; 5, Bobby Weymouth, Topsham; 6, Derek Debbis, Oakdale, Conn.; 7, Zachary Godbout, Mount Vernon; 8, Philip Brackett, South Portland; 9, Ed Getty, Gray; 10, Terry Kirk, Durham; 11, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 12, Colby Benjamin, Belmont; 13, Parker Varney, Windham; 14, Russ Godbout, Mount Vernon; 15, Kevin Girard, Jr., Old Orchard Beach; 16, Colby Meserve, Buxton; and 17, Devin Ledoux, Parsonsfield.

July 15 racing

When people talk about the best Pro Stock drivers to turn laps in the history of Wiscasset Speedway, the names Ripley and Chubbuck are the ones you'll hear more often than not. The pair has thrilled fans and battled each other on the high banks of Wiscasset Speedway for the past 25 years.

Chubbuck has claimed over 70 wins and five division titles, while Ripley has amassed nearly 100 career wins. They battled it out once again July 22 as the Serv Pro of Biddeford-Saco Pro Stocks had a pair of feature races to highlight the Group 2 program.

Along with Pro Stocks, there was also action in the Super Streets, Thunder 4 Minis, and 4-Cylinder Pros, plus the Senior Tour Auto Racers (S.T.A.R. Tour) made their annual trek up from Massachusetts.

The Pro Stocks rolled out to start the show with the completion of a feature that was halted with 8 laps complete due to rain on July 1. All but two of the 13 car field answered the bell for the final 32 laps, with Jeff Burgess and Mike Orr leading them to the green.

The race had one early caution when Daren Ripley and Brandon Sprague tangled on the back stretch, sending them both to the back of the pack. A long green flag run followed with Scott Chubbuck grabbing a comfortable lead while others battled for position.

By the midpoint of the race attention soon turned to Ripley's charge up through the field, as he had cracked the top five by lap ten, and made a thrilling two-car pass to grab third by lap 16. With ten laps to go, he moved into second and set his sights on cutting down Chubbuck's full straightaway cushion.

Ripley reached Chubbuck's back bumper with two laps to go. With fans cheering frantically the pair passed under the white flag and Chubbuck slid into turn one, opening a slight window of opportunity for Ripley. But in a show of sportsmanship and respect, Ripley let the leader gather things up and resumed the chase down the back stretch.

Again Chubbuck slid high out of turn four as they charged to the checkers. Ripley pulled to the inside for the pass but came up just short, with Chubbuck grabbing the win by a scant 6/100th of a second. It was his second win of the year. Ripley settled for runner-up honors and former two-time champ Charlie Colby followed in third.

In the regularly scheduled Group 1 action, the Super Streets had a 35-lap spotlight feature. Defending champ Mark Lucas grabbed control of the class with his third straight win. He held off a late charge by Jason Curtis who crossed the line 7/10th of a second behind.

Curtis spent much of his time in a great door to door battle with Josh Bailey. Bailey took third while Sean Johnson and Mike Hodgkins filled out the top five.

As of press release time, the win by Lucas remained unofficial pending results of mandatory engine inspection which is required after three wins.

The Senior Tour Auto Racers made their annual appearance for some vintage car racing in two classes. Arthur Hannaford, who also races regularly in the Wicked Good Vintage Racers, bested the Modified class. He was joined by Bobby Turner and Ryan Chadwick. In the Sportsman group, Alan Zemla raced to the victory. Arthur Merchant and Skip Stearns joined him in victory lane.

Twenty-one Thunder 4 Minis took the green flag for their 25-lap feature. Point leader and three-time winner Logan Melcher drove from his 13th starting position and worked the traffic to grab the lead by lap 16. He picked up his track-high fourth win of the season.

Jeff Minchin Jr. parlayed his front row starting spot into a career best second place finish. Michael Golding battled Brian and Spencer Sweatt for the final spot in victory lane, taking third. Spencer Sweatt bested his father Brian to complete the top five.

In the 25-lap race for the New England 4-cylinder Pro Stocks, three-time defending champ Kamren Knowles showed his patience and mastery of the class yet again, picking his way up from tenth into the lead following a lap ten restart. From there he cruised to his third win of the season.

The win, however, remained unofficial at press time, due to the mandatory engine inspection that comes from his wins. Twelve year old Connor Wenners ran his best race of the year, taking a career-best second place. Jeff Prindall also put together his best run of the season, taking third. Point leader Max Rowe took fourth and Larry Melcher took fifth in his 4-cylinder pro debut.

The ServPro of Biddeford-Saco Pro Stocks completed the show with their regularly scheduled 40 lap tilt. Drivers were looking to carry the positive momentum from the earlier feature. They looked well on their way until lap five when Brandon Sprague lost control of his car coming out of turn two onto the back stretch, with his car careening into the back stretch wall and collecting Mike Orr and of Scott Chubbuck in the process.

The race was red flagged for nearly 40 minutes as Sprague was cut from his damaged car. He was isolated on a back board for precautionary measures and transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Once the race resumed, Ripley took charge and raced to his second win of the season.

Ajay Picard made a late charge to pressure Ripley but would settle for a career best second place finish. Charlie Colby completed a successful night with a third place trophy. Jeff Burgess and Kevin Morse finished fourth and fifth. Sprague was released early next morning from the hospital with a bruised lung and concussion.

The individual results for July 15 included:

ServPro of Biddeford-Saco Pro Stocks (40 laps Makeup Feature) — 1, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 2, Daren Ripley, Thomaston; 3, Charlie Colby, Newcastle; 4, Nate Tribbett, Richmond; 5, Ajay Picard, Palmyra; 6, Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 7, Cody Tribbett, Richmond; 8, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 9, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 10, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 11, Brandon Sprague, Edgecomb; 12, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; and 13, Jeremy Whorff, Bath.

Super Streets (25 laps) — (Unofficial, pending inspection) 1, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 2, Jason Curtis, Hollis; 3, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 4, Sean Johnson, Oakland; 5, Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 6, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 7, Bouncer Knight, Jay; 8, Barry Poulin, Benton; 9, Cory Creamer, Randolph; and 10, Michael Harrison, Durham

Thunder 4 Minis (25 laps) — 1, Logan Melcher, Jay; 2, Jeff Minchin Jr., Pittston; 3, Michael Golding, Pownal; 4, Spencer Sweatt, Albion; 5, Brian Sweatt, Albion; 6, Nick Morton, Newcastle; 7, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 8, Devan Robinson, Warren; 9, Ryan Shea, Richmond; 10, Curtis Anderson, Richmond; 11, David Greenleaf, Brunswick; 12, Travis Poulliot, China; 13, Brian Dolloff, Jay; 14, James Grover, Newcastle; 15, Brian Burr, Brunswick; 16, Ches Williams, Hope; 17, Madison Morse, Bridgton; 18, Randy Dipietro, Oakland; 19, Stephan Stack, Brunswick; and 20, Noah Haggett, Wiscasset.

New England 4-Cyl. Pro Stocks (25 laps) — 1, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 2, Connor Wenners, Edgecomb; 3, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon; 4, Max Rowe, Turner; 5, Larry Melcher, Jay; 6, Craig Dunn, Strong; 7, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 8, Mike Kibbin, South China; 9, Kate Re, Lovell; 10, Taylor Lane, Phillips; 11, Hayden Norris, West Gardiner; 12, Spencer Vaughan, Canton; and 13, Jet Decker, Chesterville.

ServPro of Biddeford-Saco Pro Stocks (40 laps) — 1, Daren Ripley, Thomaston; 2, Ajay Picard, Palmyra; 3, Charlie Colby, Newcastle; 4, Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 5, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 6, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 7, Nate Tribbett, Wiscasset; 8, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 9, Brandon Sprague, Edgecomb; 10, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; and 11, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin.

July 8 racing

Fans and fun were the name of the game July 8 at Wiscasset Speedway with Group 2 Fan Appreciation Night. Another large crowd packed into the stands for exciting racing action, plus a driver meet and greet session and kids bike races.

The race program was highlighted by the third annual running of Outlaw Mini Madness for the Kennebec Equipment Rental Outlaw Mini's. Despite a lower car count that anticipated, there was no shortage of action as two of the division's best slugged it out to lay claim to the title. In the end, former champ Jimmy Childs held the big trophy, winning the 75-lap race for the second time.

Other winners on the night were Shane Clark in the Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Models; Joe Williams in the Midcoast Region NAPA Mods; and Bryan Robbins in the Norm's Used Cars Strictly Streets.

Before the green flag flew, fans were able to go down onto the track to meet all of the Group 2 drivers. Then the kids took over in enthusiastic and energetic bike races in three different age groups, along with an appearance by Santa Claus and Christmas in July fun with the C&D Laundry Kids Club.

Fourteen drivers took on the challenge of the 75-lap Outlaw Mini Madness. It was a tall order for the contenders as defending division champ and Mini Madness champ Zach Audet laid claim to the pole position with his heat win. Jimmy Childs, a former division champ himself and winner of the first Mini Madness in 2015 won the second heat and would start to Audet's outside.

Childs brought out the first caution of the race as the first lap of the race was completed. He spun out of turn four and scrambled the field. Childs restarted at the back of the field, but didn't take long to race back into contention. By lap ten, he had returned to the top three. The race produced four cautions over the first 25 laps, giving a handful of drivers a shot at Audet.

By the midpoint of the race, Childs had made it back up to the runner-up spot and soon started to crank up the pressure on the leader. Just five laps later, Shawn Kimball and Jacob Hendsbee joined in the battle as well. While Childs looked to be getting stronger as the race went on, Audet started to show some problems. The fifth caution of the race for a minor spin involving Kevin Douglass and Mike Delano on lap 53 would bunch the cars up for what would be the final time.

Audet took control again on the restart but it was short lived as Childs surged around him and into the lead on lap 59. Audet was done in by his transmission problems, and slipped to fourth after three laps. Childs continued to pull away to a commanding lead.

Kimball looked poised for a solid runner-up finish, but he developed mechanical problems himself and dropped out with five laps to go. Tim Collins grabbed the spot as Kimball exited the track, but a lap later Hendsbee drove around him, making the third different runner up in the three lap sequence.

The race remained green to the end, with Childs posting a convincing victory. Hendsbee's second place finish was a career-best. Collins settled for third. Despite a transmission that was nearly inoperable, Audet salvaged a respectable fourth place finish. Cody Leblanc completed the top five.

In support action, the Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Model Sportsman gathered 20 cars for competition in the 35-lap feature. Shane Clark, who had taken a week off to get married, made his return a memorable one. He started in 12th, and raced his way to his first feature win since July 2015.

Two-time champ Will Collins continued his recent hot streak with a season-best second place finish. Josh St. Clair was involved in the third of the race's five cautions, but recovered to claim the final spot in victory lane. Point leader Nick Hinkley, and Chris Thorne finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The 30-lap feature for the Midcoast Region NAPA Modifieds gave spectators a heated battle between defending champ Mark Lucas, and veteran Joe Williams. The two battled through the middle stages of the caution free race, and Willams came out on top to pick up his second victory of the season. Lucas took second and Allen Moeller kept his point lead with another podium finish. Tom Young and Nick Reno filled out the top five.

The Strictly Streets continued to be one of the track's most competitive divisions. Bryan Robbins became the sixth different winner in as many races this season. He held off defending champ Kurt Hewins on a pair of late race restarts.

Hewins took second. Point leader Mike Haynes turned in a class high fourth podium finish taking home the third place trophy. Previous race winner Cole Watson finished fourth. Jonathan Emerson took fifth.

The individual results for July 8 included:

Outlaw Mini Madness (75 laps) — 1, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 2, Jake Hendsbee, Whitefield; 3, Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 4, Zach Audet, Oakland; 5, Cody LeBlanc, Waterville; 6, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 7, Jeff Minchin, Pittston; 8, Megan Frost, Montville; 9, Shane Smith, Augusta; 10, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 11, Cole Robinson, Clinton; 12, Mike Delano, Brunswick; and 13, Leo Hatch, Augusta.

Midcoast Region NAPA Modifieds (30 laps) — 1, Joseph Williams, Woolwich; 2, Mark Lucas, Harpswell; 3, Allan Moeller, Dresden; 4, Tom Young, Freeport; 5, Nick Reno, West Bath; 6, Richard Jordan, Kingfield; and 7, Adam Chadbourne, Wiscasset.

Norm's Used Cars Strictly Streets (25 laps) — 1, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 2, Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 3, Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 4, Cole Watson, Naples; 5, Jonathon Emerson, Sabattus; 6, Kimberly Knight, Chesterville; 7, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 8, Tiger Colby, Newcastle; 9, Zachary Emerson, Sabattus; 10, Shawn Emery, Limington; 11, James Grover Jr., Newcastle; 12, Heath Hotham, China; 13, Glenn Reynolds, Turner; and 14, Faith Cleaves, Freeport.

Wood Pellet Warehouse Late Model Sportsman (35 laps) — 1, Shane Clark, Winterport; 2, Will Collins, Waldoboro; 3, Josh St.Clair, Liberty; 4, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 5, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 6, Tyler Robbins, Seal Harbor; 7, Cody Verrill, Richmond; 8, Brandon Fowler, Rome; 9, Brandon Bailey, Woolwich; 10, Tyler Bailey, Wiscasset; 11, Ben Erskine, Farmington; 12, Steve Minott, Windham; 13, Luke Romanoski, Freeman; 14, Steven Chicoine, Portland; 15, Richard Jordan, Kingfield; 16, Shane Kaherl, Jay; 17, Alex Waltz, Walpole; 18, Steve Barker, Turner; and 19, Ryan St. Clair, Liberty.

July 1 racing

Wiscasset Speedway was all set to kick off the Independence Day holiday weekend on July 1 with a full race program featuring Group 1 and fireworks. Everything was going smoothly until Mother Nature crashed the party sending fans home early with a handful of features still to be run.

Heats were completed in all divisions as the eyes of race officials were also on the radar and an approaching front causing crazy weather to the northwest. Moments before the spotlight feature 4-Cylinder Pro Stocks were to roll onto the track, the first few raindrops fell, bringing the safety trucks out to keep the track dry. The delay only lasted 20 minutes and the show was on once again.

In order to try and beat the approaching weather, the 4-Cylinder feature was reduced from 35-laps down to their normal 25-lap length. Craig Dunn and Josh Shorey would lead the field of 12 to the green flag. Dunn held the lead through the early stages while some of the heavy hitters charged up from the back of the pack. One of those was three-time defending champ Kamren Knowles, who was forced into a backup car after crashing in practice.

It took just ten laps for Knowles to race from his tenth starting position into the lead. Just a pair of cautions slowed the action, along with a brief five minute threat of rain. It didn't hold up Knowles to his second win of the season. Behind him was a great battle between a pair of rising stars in the class. Previous race winner, Austin Teras, and point leader, Max Rowe, traded the remaining two podium spots back and forth over the final six laps. Teras grabbed second, and Rowe took third.

The Serv Pro of Biddeford-Saco Pro Stocks rolled out for their regularly scheduled 40-lap feature. The Pro Stocks had been struggling to run a clean race the previous few times out, but things looked promising as the 13 car pack ran a competitive and strong eight laps. The field was brought to caution pace for the first time on lap nine for debris on the track. This turned out to be a strange twist of "safe" luck for the drivers, as the skies again opened.

The field was brought to a stop on pit road as track official once again turned their focus to the radar. The decision was made to pull the plug on the remainder of the program as the steady rain had indeed arrived nearly an hour earlier than expected.

The Pro Stock race was put on hold, then postponed with 32 laps to go. Also postponed were features for Super Streets, Thunder 4's and Nelcar Legends. Those races will be made up at a later date to be announced.

The individual results for July 1 included:

4-Cyl. Pro Stocks (25 laps) — 1, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 2, Austin Teras, Windham; 3, Max Rowe, Turner; 4, Connor Wenners, Edgecomb; 5, Craig Dunn, Strong; 6, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon; 7, Kate Re, Lovell; 8, John Shorey, Alna; 9, Taylor Lane, Phillips; 10, Spencer Vaughan, Canton; 11, Nate McWilliams, Sabattus; and 12, Hayden Norris, Gardiner

ServPro of Biddeford Saco Pro Stocks (40 laps) — (Running order with eight laps completed) 1, Jeff Burgress, Oakland; 2, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 3, Nate Tribbett, Richmond; 4, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 5, Charlie Colby, Newcastle; 6, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 7, Cody Tribbet, Richmond; 8, Brandon Sprague, Edgecomb; 9, Ajay Picard, Palmyra; 10, Daren Ripley, Thomaston; 11, Jeremy Whorff, Bath; 12, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; and 13, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset.

Ken Minott works for Wiscasset Speedway.

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