Wood Stove Hearths

Photo by: A J Hearths

Call them stove pads, stove boards, hearths or just plain floor protection, what goes under the wood burning stove does matter. 

Wood stoves since the late 1970s have been required to be tested to safety standards. This is commonly known the UL standard.  The manual of the tested product must specify the size of the required floor protection.  The common rule of thumb for UL listed stoves is that the hearth area must extend 18” beyond any opening of the firebox and extend 8” beyond non opening sides.  Therefore a stove with a side load option as well as a front loading door will require 18” on the two opening sides and 8” beyond the other two sides. It is usually not necessary to extend the floor protection to the wall behind the stove but to do so one must default to the rear wall clearance required by the stove’s installation guide to properly size the hearth. 

Most wood burning stoves require only non combustible ember protection construction; other models will specify the required R factor for thermal protection as well. 

Purchasing a new stove to install onto an existing site built hearth is therefore limited to the existing hearth size and the construction of the hearth. 

Pre-made UL tested hearths may be purchased in a variety or sizes, shapes and styles. 

To learn more about hearths for wood, pellet and gas stoves, follow the link below. 


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