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By WRFR-LP Radio | Apr 21, 2019

WRFR-LP =  Low powered. Streaming world wide at wrfr.org

93.3fm in Rockland  & Camden/Rockport 99.3fm

Local community radio run by entirely by local volunteers.

Supported by neighbors and sponsors, yet….is non-commercial.






  • If you would like to become a WRFR-LP sponsor
  • Contact:  Jerry Sytsma  207 – 417 - 0864
  • email  jerrysytsmawrfr@gmail.com




"World in Song."



6 - 7 p.m. “Good News From a Far Away Country,” with Mike Kee. Join Pastor Mike as he explores the Bible and it’s connections to modern day. He also plays good’ole Gospel music! www.forhisglorybiblebaptistchurch.com



7 - 8 p.m. “Built for Comfort,” with Kirk & Leif- who spin a collection of toe-tappin’, dance makin’, sometimes head bangin’, jamming music that has a groove. A flow of some bluesy, some rock, some jazz, some crappy 80’s music, dance & disco, groovy jams, & one Zappa per show.



8 - 10 p.m. The Vinyl Hour with Kyle Swan showcasing a wide variety of musical genres including: the Blues, Jazz, Rock and Pop, Country, the Big Band era, and more. Kyle plays only vinyl records from his extensive collection, broadcasting LIVE! With turn tables spinning, he travels back in time, “letting the tone arm gently ride the groove.”


10 p.m. – 12 a.m. “Late Night Groove,” with Bruce Swan. Join Bruce as he explores and introduces you to new singers, songwriters and bands that you may not have heard of…or maybe…you have!

There’s a new segment of the “Late Night Groove,” called, “The Side Show.”

*Future scheduled artists include Peter Mulvey, Dave Gunning, Patty Larkin and more!


"The Side Show" portion of tonight’s show will feature Dave Gunning's new cd UP AGAINST THE SKY.  Gunning's tenth studio album will be aired in two parts with a conversation between artist and DJ Bruce Swan.




“World in Song,” the great music plays on…all night long into morning.







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