"Your Authentic Life" Vision Board Workshop

Belfast Breeze Inn
192 Northport Ave, Belfast ME
Jane Liedtke
Apr 15, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Michelle Clunie Douglas

"Your Authentic Life" Vision Board Workshop with Michelle Clunie Douglas

Act with Intention, and make your dreams come true, by creating ''Your Authentic Life'' Vision Board! This workshop is designed to help you gain personal clarity on what you really want to experience. You will have space and time to explore your ideal outcomes in each area of your life, make connections with like-minded peers, learn methods to clear your ''yahbuts'', and the tools to create your very own "Your Authentic Life" Vision Board.

There are countless successful people that have benefitted from making their own vision boards. They gave themselves the opportunity to quiet the chatter, focus on what they value, gather pictures and words to represent those idealsAND make their very own, one- of-a-kind, visual reminder. Later, they were pleasantly surprised to find that many or ALL of their dreams had come true. Are you ready to consciously and intentionally create your life dreams? I am.

No artistic talent is needed. Let your heart lead the way and open to your creativity.
Materials are provided.
Lunch is included.

2018 Dates:
4/15 9a-4p
5/19 9a-4p
8/8 9a-4p

About Michelle Douglas
My healing journey into more awareness began when I was 15.  I had just returned from a trip of running away from home and counseling was one of my consequences.  Even though I didnt take therapy as seriously as I could have then, it began a life-long quest to find my place in this world. I continue to learn and evolve in every moment of my existence and have had, and still have, so many wonderful teachers, certifications, and personal life experiences that have brought me to this moment of sharing my gifts with you.  Simply putI can relate, I will listen, and I believe I willoffer valuable support for you in your goals to enrich your life.

I am here. Encouraging your Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health with the use of Polarity Therapy, Movement, Art, Reiki, doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils, The Aroma Touch Technique, Workshops on Personal Development, Webinars, Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and more.I love to work with people who want to improve their lives, is that you?

It is my mission in life to offer my unique healing energy to you. Honoring your desire to feel safe and free while you explore releasing that which no longer serves you. Guiding you to embrace that which is wonderful in your life, YOU!  AND showing you the ways to dream big while creating your most awesome life in each of your precious moments. Id love to listen and work closely with you as you believe in your best self and live your life with more joy, authenticity, self-love and gratitude.
My website it coming soon, until then please find me on Facebook at The Breath of Gratitude.  Below is my personal motto.

Each breath is life, a new moment, an opportunity to choose who I am and how I interact in the world. More often than not, I remember to live with gratitude. I know that I can always return to my heart, breath, and feel grateful to be alive. ~Michelle Douglas~ Thank You Thank You Thank you

Thank you for reading a bit about me.  May miracles be present in your life and may you prosper with joyful jubilee!